Sunday, October 31, 2004


WHY??? It's a very big why there? Why blog? Why suddenly did i decide to blog?

Considering my super lack of interest in anything remotely related to ICT (perhaps save for the e-mails and, this is quite a big jump for me. 'The Big Leap', you would say. Can't wait to see Abon's facial expression once i break the news to him, hehehehehe...

There are few reasons that has prompted me to start blogging (is this the rigt term?). Some are practical and some are personal. First, the practical reasons.

I have just recently bought a laptop. It costs quite fortune and I am trying very hard to maximise the return to the investment , as some would say about the purchase of computers. Secondly, I have just registered for Streamyx. That simply means I can leave the Internet connection 24-7 at a very reasonable price. But actually, it has been a month since i filled up the form and submitted to Elly, my sister in law. Latest from her, it is due to unavailabilty of ports, whatever that is. And again, I am looking at ways to maximise my return.

On personal note, I have always wanted to write but always at loss on what to write. More often than not, my attempts to write diaries lasted untul the seventh day of January. Ini kes hangat2 tahi ayam la nie. IMHO, blogging seems to be the most compatible media. Furthermore, everyone seems to blog these days. So, why not, eh?

Another thing that always pull me back is the non-existent urge to write. Until exacly 1 year and 11 days ago, I could not find any reason for me write and put down my thoughts or feelings. Then, by the grace of Allah, Muhammad Emil Hafiz came into our lives. By 'our lives', I mean the blissful life of my wife, Aily Nurliny and yours sincerely. Emil, as we fondly call him, really shines. Now that he's already one year old, he's proving to be a handful to all of us. One would be surprised on how much energy that this boy has. More about him later.

Ever since his birth, I have always wanted to record feelings, thoughts & my plain observations of him growing up. But, again, diaries will not do much good. So. as you can see, the ramblings on ( or is it in?) this blog will very much centre around that little bundle of joy.

Secondly, I figured that it is high time for me to try something new. It's never to late, I suppose. With all these K-Economy thingy and life long learning being the mantras these days, it wouldn't hurt to acquire one or two new tricks. What more tha I am now now a full-fledged civil servant. Surely I got to be the first to respond to the call, right?

Enough for now. Pray hard that this will not be another of my hangat2 taik ayam attempt...

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Anonymous said...

you know abah emil, it's not always easy to keep promises that we make. you've proved to many that determination well sometimes does work.I've so many things on my list and I haven't try to fulfill it. why? I've no reasons like yours..perhaps I'm the biggest 'hangat-hangat taik ayam' person. HAAHHAHAHHHA. I'm still hoping somehow someday things will get better and serious for me so that I'm able to start doing things I've wanted to do for such a long time....alright...keep up the good work..