Tuesday, November 02, 2004

first day of the week

Have i told you that my wife and i are currently undergoing a compulsory course under the term of our services, government service that is. The course is called Diploma Pengurusan Awam and run by INTAN. It's a live-in course, so we practically should be at INTAN everyday. The course would be for 6 months. This is our fourth week there.

We left Seremban immediately after sahur. Arrived at INTAN at about 645 am, sembahyang then took a nap until 730 am. The day was rather uneventful (that has been the norm) with classes started at 830 am and ended at 130. Then off to surau for kelas tajwid. Iftar at The Mint Hotel courtesy of Puan Hasnah Majid, then off to Mid-Valley for another round of window shopping...ohhh...how i craved for the Acer PDA...but told myself to clear the balance on my credit card first before swiping for another big purchase...hahahahahah...supposedly, we should head back to INTAN as i will have to attend a discussion on the group project paper but it was cancelled due to the overstuffed group members during bukak puasa PTD. So we decided to spend the night at our Cheras home.

So that's about it. Emil woke up to see us off this morning. He's so wonderful. Did i tell you that i slept beside him last night. The simple joy of life.

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