Thursday, November 18, 2004

first steps

the boy took his first steps...such wonder...we really enjoyed it...but he prefers to be carried around...unable to record it though because the battery of the handycam ran out...will do it tomorrow.

aily is still working on her book review. she's already worried about emil and post holiday blues...went to klcc yesterday.angah is busy preparing for her engagement this coming saturday. amin told that ayah & kak might be coming down to fetch abang fikri & also to see emil. nothing concrete, though.asked amin to give wahidah rm30 for her effort.puasa penuh at 6 years old is really something. as far as i could remember, i started puasa penuh at the age of 9. i was fat then (still am). itupun lepas dah bersunat...heheheheh...

fly might be coming over tomorrow. went to eza's place on the second day of raya. emil's collection so far : rm 350...will add up to make rm 400. aily said she will top up to make it rm 500.

until later...

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