Sunday, November 07, 2004


i don't have regular net access, hence the lapse in putting up new posting...

so, bush won after all. after all the promises and a commendable start by john kerry, he lost. from my point of view, US will always be US no matter who's the president. so, my argument to feel relieved about bush jr retaining the presidency : better the devil u know....hmmmm...Arafat is fighting for his life.latest i heard, his condition is improving.

raya is just around the corner. we already tempah baju melayu for emil. beraya sakan la dia tahun nie. his grandfather had bought RM300 worth of clothes for the prized cucu. we bought a songkok last week and a pair of POLO Ralph Lauren shoes for him yesterday. so much for my pledge not to spoil my kid.

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