Tuesday, September 20, 2005

berapa banyak?

I believe all married couples, at one point or another during their blissfully wedded life, discuss about how many children they would like to have between them.I use the phrase "would like" as the actual number really depends on the will of Allah. Only the act of trying to get them is left to us.

The deejays & ERA listeners discussed the matter yesterday. From the discussion (I did not listen until they wrapped it up) I find that all callers based their decision on having how many children on financial considerations and this bothers me. Is that the ONLY consideration? Ringgit and cents? I mean, must this decision also revolves around $?

Money shoulde be a factor, yes. But it should not be the factor.It is really sad if people based their decision on having so and so amount of children on monetary factor alone. Come on, it should be more than that.


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