Monday, September 19, 2005

Bosannnya...'s monday again. after effects of the futsal tourney are still hanging on dearly on both my legs. the stomach is not that well. probably it's the gastrics making its appearance again. work is nothing to shout about. bored to death at the office.

the futsal was good fun. again, it was a case of 'so near but yet so far'. we fell regally at the q-finals levels. did feel a little bit over the top after championing the group. hopes soared & the target was reset amid the laughter. i think it was to be good to be true, us gunning for the championship.

talked to fadhil. all is well again, i suppose. one thing that i can't stand during the self imposed isolation is the urge to kutuk fadhil, the banter, he is a good punching bag.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations abah....after a year finally the t*** now becoming warmerlah kot...hahahaaa..takpe i'll support u all the awy..yaeyyyy