Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Puting (Teats anyone???)

Never start your child on pacifier. Hang on to these words of wisdom. We made the mistake and now we are paying for it. Emil is sucking on that thing indiscriminately and the habit is really getting to us. He couldn't sleep without it, we couldn't go anywhere without it and he wouldn't sit still in the car unless the thing is hanging from his mouth. And that is just to name a few.

Now that the boy is already 2 years old and have almost a full set of teeth, we are trying very hard to wean him off that thing. Man, he's already an addict by now.

Attempts have been unsuccesful thus far. The last attempt lasted for one and a half day when alas, the Mama couldn't stand the boy's begging. But, what happened last night scared the shit out of us both.

Last night, the pacifier was already almost torn as Emil was chewing plus sucking that thing. So, Mama conjured up a ploy to tear apart and blame it on the boy. Emil took it in good spirit and was saying things like "dah woshak dah" & "Emil throw puting, ok". The first part of the plan was successful.

Then came sleep time. By now, Emil was fidgeting and not long after that, he was shivering and begging for his puting. One time, his body froze. Masya Allah, we thought the boy dah kena sawan tarik. Pucat le kejap. Alhamdulillah, lepas we handed the boy over to the grandmother(one of the advantages of living with parents/in-laws, hahahaha), he was ok. But not after demanding the poor granny to watch the TV with him. It was already 1 o'clock then.

So the result of the latest ploy remains to be seen. So, if anyone's reading, I would advise against using pacifier even when it seems the best solution to shut off your child at that time. The option might be attractive but the action will come back to haunt you-hehehehehe...


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bola2api said...

tu la epit.. lainkali jgn start bagi anak ko puting kosong..

we did that mistake with our first child. but after she turned 1, we told her no more puting. so for the first few wks, susah skit nak tidur malam coz she misses her puting.

just bear with it. after a while, he will forget about it.

- bini pejal -