Saturday, December 17, 2005


The people I (un?)fortunately fated to be bonded for the rest of my time here on earth gathered around a couple of weeks back for a reunion dinner. To say the least, the night went very well and was quite well attended considering the lukewarm response the organisers got when canvassing for the attendees (I happened to be one of the poor souls who were stupid enough to be the organisers). Highlights for the night included the Top Jambu Award which Bala won hands down, the random number generator which wasn't so random (Rough, jgn mara aaa), the multimedia presentation,the f5 recording which was very well edited by Awie & Aiwa's letter to Fadli (for further discussion on the subject, please visit )

I have to take this opportunity to thank those people whose untiring efforts, contributions & sacrifices helped to make the event a succes - badut (& kawan badut especially for the multimedia presentation),chib (for free use of your bachelor pad & free entertainment), abon (for being there), rough (for the drive & random number generator), radin (for the late help), awie, ezam& wife.

My special thank goes out to my BETTER HALF for your invaluable assistance throughout the planning and the preparation stage.

I intend to put up some pics here but the connection is not that good tonight. Maybe some other time.


Noni Kapet said...

Our pleasure - and we will use the normal lucky draw next time, not random no. generator ha ha.

I had a sinking feeling that come 2 years time we'll be chasing everyone all over again - the anger, the frustration, the fear of everything blowing up in our face and finally the satisfaction that our mates (who mean the world to us) had had a hell of a time - and if we don't do it, others won't do it.

I think we sign for this job for life!

* ps - You had a wonderful wife and a cute kid (which raised so much doubts of the parentage ha ha). Many people envy you and each time you are down, reflect on that. Others would die to have a happy family at our young age.

** pps - Thanks to Aili and Emil. Aku kahwin nanti korang buleh jadi wedding planner?

9005394 said...

I have to concur with Rough that I think Aily did an excellent job in helping out with the preparations of the reunion dinner...You don't find many wives who are as supporting and as understanding as that...You got yourself a good lady there....

Hope to see all you guys soon!

abah emil said...

on behalf of Aily, terima kasih bebanyak...harapnya begitulah sampai bila2.


apa plan for the new year?

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abah emil said...


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abu_harraz said...

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