Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kari RM45

Ada baca paper/tgk news 2,3 hari nie? Pasal kari ikan tongkol nasi dagang harga RM45 kat Tganu?
Latest development (reported dalam Utusan hari ini), kedai tu dah kena serbu. The proprietor mungkin kena saman sebab tak pamer tanda harga.
Takpe lah tu...Tapi part ni aku rasa excerpt from UTUSAN hari ini..."...Serbuan lima pegawai bahagian penguat kuasa agensi itu pagi ini diketuai oleh Penolong Pengarahnya, Zulfahmi Mat Udi. Sementara itu, Pengarah KPDNHEP Terengganu, Ahmad Dahuri Mahmud berkata, dalam serbuan itu, pihaknya telah mengambil keterangan pemilik kedai itu dan merampas kuah nasi dagang kepala ikan tongkol untuk siasatan."
Apa kes yang dia nak rampas kuah kari tu? Apa yang nak bantu siasatannya? Kan bangang namanya tu? Ish...ish...agaknya la kan, depa nak taste sedap ke tak untuk justify price tag RM45 tu...
Makan kari free le pegawai tu semalam...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Congratulations, Mpro

Congratulations Mpro on the arrival of the latest edition of Mpro Junior...You're tha Man...


Perhaps, one the most daunting prospect of marrying someone from the northern part of the country is the unenviable task to master the art of preparing fish curry for the husband whose blood is fused with it. And coming from Negeri Sembilan where masak lomak reign supreme, this is no laughing matter.

After 3 years of untiring effort, Aily has made it and today, I am proud to announce to the world (at least to those who are reading this) that my MUCH LOVED WIFE has mastered the art of cooking curry. Orders are welcomed...hehehehehe....

To Aily, thanks for not giving up. Next assignment, sambal tumis petai macam mak buat...

Sunday, March 19, 2006


A couple of weeks back, during one of my mengulaq session, I dropped by at the MCOBA Penthouse. Just for the heck of it, I asked the kakak there to check our batch's MCOBA membership. Officialy, there are only for us who have registered & Chibiok is definitely not one of them. But that's a different story for later.

As y'all probably know, one of the four is Sdr Murzali, who spent less than a month in Koleq. However, FYI, MCOBA did run a background check on him as apparently nobody can verify that the poor chap had actually spent some time in Koleq. Having said this, few questions come to mind :

i. Kalau dah orang tu tak pernah masuk koleq, buat apa la dia sibuk2 nak jadi MCOBA member?
ii. Why on earth la the poor chap wants to join MCOBA since he wouldn't have any recollection & association of any sort with koleq?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Intelligence Inflation

Rasanya la, if I were to throw a stone at a crowd somewhere, there's 99.99% guarantee that it will hit a student who got straight As in his SPM. Compared to the time when getting 10A1 will entitle you to an exclusive coverage in all of the major newspapers, getting all As in SPM seems to be the norm these days.

So, intelligence is in abundance these days. Were we not very clever back then or kids nowadays are just getting better & better?

A note of caution : won't this lead to inflation of straight As students in the country?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tukaq lagi....

To those usual suspects yang selalu check out blog aku, this is still the same blog. Just that I had it with the last template & would like to have something new to look at everyday.

Comments are always welcomed...terima kasih...

Tapi tu lah, kena la pulak buat senarai links baru.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Push 2 Talk

If you are a tv addict like myself, it is highly unlikely that you have not come across the advertisement about Hotlink's latest product. You should know which one. The 'push to talk one'. Remember? Yes, that advert la. The one where one idiot suddenly draw inspirations to jam with his friends thru his mobile phone. Remember? Yes, that one la.

If you have not seen the advert, consider yourself lucky. Annoying gile iklan tu. Dah le annoying, tv asyik le pulak ulang. Running time pulak panjang. Sakit hati aku.

Lagi aku tengok advert tu, lagi meluat aku. Geli-geleman pun ada. Korang tak rasa macam tu ke? The part which I hate most is that part when the guy on the bicycle sings. Ishhhhh, rasa nak penampar pun ada. Lagi sorang nak kena penampar, budak pompuan kat dalam iklan tu. Diorang ingat abis hip hop la tu.

Mintak simpang la keturunan aku buat perangai lagu tu.