Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....


Happy birthday. Wishing you all the best on this august day and days to come. Keep on smiling. Keep on praying. Make a wish or two. As for your present, consider I.O.U can or not?

Happy birthday sweetheart
The following is a special note just for you,
To wish you a day of sunshine and dreams come true.
I hope happiness and luck are abound and passion and love are continually new found.
I wish you perfect sunny days with a gentle breeze to ease your cares away.
I also hope you are able to find laughter and love in everything you do.
I guess wat I m trying to say is...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you sweetheart
©2005 Alkarim -www.poetspassion.com

Monday, May 22, 2006

Can somebody please tell me pasai apa la blog ni sat2 boleh buat perenggan, sat2 tak boleh???

Reunion 9094 DVD

Credit to Awie for the production of 9094 Reunion DVD. Aptly titled "Kehidupan.Segelintir.Yang.Terlampau", it contains graphic depiction
of the lives of most of those who spent a significant part of their lives in Koleq.
I lost count of the one finger salute halfway through the show.

Back by Popular Demand...

Due to overwhelming demand for my latest post, I humbly obliged...muahahahahaha...

Anyway, here's my pic taken with Vanida Imran. Not that I am a sucker for celebrities, just that I know Mpro will definitely eat his heart out...hahahahaha...

p.s. - buat2 tak nampak je la makcik yang enter frame tu

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lantai T.Pinkie : The Review

Let's start with an exception. Lantai T.Pinkie, this time around was actually a musical which is not exactly my cup of tea.
That aside, IMHO, the play turned out to be quite a disappointment. The acting was so-so and there was hardly chemistry between the actors. There was no spark in it. Try as I might, I find it impossible to emphatise with the lead character, Pinkie (Nasha). The pain & suffering of being a 'perempuan joget' and later 'forced wife' of Gonjuloh did not really get to me. There was only one scene to potray that their marriage was not a happy one. This, I think, was not sufficient.
The strongest acting came form 'Nyai Sunarti', played by Azizah Mahzan. And by this, I really mean her acting as I couldn't really make what she was saying most of time. She was speaking Jawa Kuno, I think.
On the upside, however, Nasha's back side was not a disappointing, hehehehe. It was 'tonggek' to the max. Meminjam kata T.Pinkie, "...'T' bukan untuk 'Tengku','T' untuk 'tonggek'...".But, the best bod last night was not Nasha's but Vanida Imran's.
Anyway, walaupun cerita tak best, ambik gambar tetap ambik gambar...hehehehe...

...abaikan minah tudung putih tu...menyibuk je...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lantai T.Pinkie

We, my wife & I, are going to watch Lantai T.Pinkie at Istana Budaya tonight. So far the review has been good and the main attraction i.e. back portion of Nasha Aziz's body has been said not to be disappointing. Let me see for myself first & let's just hope that her backside isn't the only thing worth watching tonight.