Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Final WC 2006

Just as much as I want to watch Germany v France in the final with France eventually hoisting the trophy, I would also like it to be France v Italy. By having a final featuring France & Italy, my good friend Mpro will stand a chance to reclaim the bet which he lost during the Euro 2000.

so, Mpro...the usual lah kot?


Mpro said...

bring it on bebeh... it's pay back time

abah emil said...

confident nampak...kalau france kalah, which to my mind is very unlikely, kena ka aku ambik portugal?

I hate Portugal...x dignity, champions are meant to be respected, but in portugal's case, how to start since they do not even have ahred of dignity left?

abah emil said...


"...but in portugal's case,should they win the WC, how to start since they have no dignity at all to begin with???"

-end ralat-