Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Say What????

You just can' reason with kids. You can't win and probably never will.

In my latest attempt to get Emil to buckle up in the car, I told him that the characters in "Little Einsteins", one of his favourite cartoon shows, always wear their seatbealts whenever they start their adventure. The only difference is, the Little Einsteins fly in an aeroplane.

I was so sure of my success that I was smiling even before I finished my sentence. Then came the reply, "...nanti Emil naik aeroplane, Emil pakai la seatbelt...".

Say what???


Noni Kapet said...

aku reiterate sekali lagi...

aku risau ngan emil ha ha..

at the rate he is going, kalah pica and fadli lagi... nasib baik jambu... kalau tak, lagi aku risau.

Anonymous said...

hahahaaa...exactly che noni...myself pun cam dah... ye ke emil ni? mana ntah blaja menjawab dengan tepat dan berkesan sampai the father also clueless..hihihihiii slamat lah ye abah emil

9005394 said...

say what ?
nothing to say.
just say HOW ?

abah emil said... la fadli...