Thursday, October 26, 2006

After an absence of three years, the stork is heading this way again.

Insya Allah, in the next 9 months,by the grace of Allah, Aily & I will be going through all the experience of bringing another soul into this world for the second time. The news came as a surprise for the both of us since we were not "vigorously" trying to enlarge the family at the moment.Emil has proved to be quite a terror and we were still adjusting to our new timetable (work + study).Just like last time, it happened when we were least expecting it.However, it is a pleasant surprise, nevertheless.

We could not really determine the age of the pregnancy since Aily could not remember the last time she had her period. But it could not be more than 8 weeks. The visit to the doctor only revealed that the place for the baby in the womb is ready.We are advised to come back next month. Some say, at this stage, it is still early to say anything and it is better to wait until the first trimester to be over before telling everybody. Crap. What's wrong with telling and sharing the wonderful news with everybody? I know pregnancy is very delicate and anything can happen for the next 9 months. But, isn't all that in Allah's hands?

Aily is already having her morning, afternoon, evening and night sickness. She could not smell the smell of cooking. Only the back is killing her.So far, she has not asked for anything yet. I hope things will be like when she was carrying Emil. We have already taken out all the minyak urut and minyak panas for the feet. Let's just hope that we will only be needing that in the later stage.

We have also started throwing ideas to Emil that he is soon to have brother/sister, that Mama got baby in the stomach. I think he does not understand just yet. But he will be soon when Aily's stomach is getting bigger...

As for me, I am just happy that our rezeki is really murah in this department of life. We may have not won lucky draws as often as we like, but when I draw my tutttttt, sure lucky one mehh...hahahahah

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

He Got It, Finally...

He got it, finally. Who? Emil la, who else?

Emil is getting naughtier by the day and our patience are running really, really thin sometimes. Last night, we took him to the mart near our place. Punya la degil. I have to dragged him to get into the car after we did our shopping. While I was closing the door, aku dah angin dah to the max....then, tight slap on the buttocks. Not that I have not slapped him before but honest to god, that was the tightest slap I ever gave.

A few moments of silence. Then he started to profusely asked for his Mama's forgiveness. Aikkk, bukan aku ke yang lempang dia tadi???? He dared only to speak to me after we got home. Itu pun sebab nak mintak maaf.

Ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengahari. Not long after that, he was back his usual self. Jumping, running, wrestling, the whole works.

Hmmmm, boys will be boys.

Murzali Part II

This posting is long overdue...

I met Murzali a few weeks back. Yes, the Murzali. The object of my curiousity in one of my previous postings. And we talked. Murzali's not actually a stranger to me since we did spend one year in UM together doing CLP. He passed. I did not. We crossed paths again not long after that. We were two of 3 candidates being interviewed for a post in Petronas few months after our CLP session ended. He got it. I did not.

To recap, the object of my curiousity then was why on earth Murzali bothered to register as a member of MCOBA since he only spent few weeks in koleq. To my surprise, he read it. Never in my wildest dream that that particular posting will find its way to him.

Naturally the topic of our conversation revolved around that posting. He contended that spent more than few weeks in Koleq. He demanded that I re-post to rectify the facts. He stopped short of demanding full apology, though.

So, here I am. Murzali, if you are reading this, if you did spend more than few weeks in koleq, I stand corrected. And I apologised. The posting was never meant to deny your rights to join MCOBA. Reportedly, YM Tg Razaleigh Hamzah is also a member though he spent only 3 great days in koleq before moving on to Anderson. On that token, you are more rightful to join MCOBA.

But I am no less curious...

p/s : you just don't have any idea what you have missed, my friend...