Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good News, Bad News

Good news : You are going to be promoted.

Bad news : You are not to leave whatever you are doing now.

In short, I was supposed to report to a new place and to cover new areas, a normal procession in civil service. The movement is designed so that you will encumber yourself with as much knowledge and experience and be well-equipped once you hold senior posts later in your career. The worst that could happen to a civil servant is to be trapped in one post for longer than necessary, doing the same job and becoming specialised in one field. If that happens, your career path will be cast in stone and you are doomed practically (I'm speaking purely on a logical conjecture, but I never discount the fact that Allah will eventually deal a good hand if you do your work sincerely and with all amanah).

At this point, I am really on the threshold of entering the least favoured path in the service.

What should have been good news turned out to be one of the more frustrating ones. Let's just hope that there's hikmah behind all this. Insya Allah...


Anonymous said...

Hi all!

Don`t forget

Noni Kapet said...

well abah emil,

life is made up of variables that change by the second, the only constant is ourselves.

despair not, it always end up better... even bad habits, we tend to rid off as we grow older...

something good will always come out from what initially was perceived as a calamity, provided we persevere and give our best to anything we do - because God in His Infinite Wisdom is fair.

last time aku dulu, the story of my promotion and posting yo-yoed by the hour and from 2 continents aku finally ended up where i am now ha ha..

that's why now biler rumours or news of promotion or transfer ada, i just sit back and let destiny takes its course..

rejoice, it's never the end of the world, and selalunya the piece will fit nicely in the jigsaw puzzle...

abah emil said...

noni kapet,

thanks.good advice.

Mpro said...

at least both of you are being promoted.... be thankful of that...

9005394 said...

Wahai Epit
do not despair...Things ALWAYS happen for a reason, and this is no exception.

Agaknya kalau hang tunggu lama sikit kat situ something better will turn up. Don't worry. The promotion is the important thing, where u go after that, second story.

so now have excuse to blanja kawan kawan or wat ???