Monday, December 31, 2007


Selamat Tahun Baru Masihi 2008.

Semoga tahun 2008 ini akan lebih baik
daripada tahun-tahun terdahulu,
Insya Allah...


Eiddin has started using walker for the past 2 weeks. He's making a very good progress and also more vocal now.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Do not read this book. It makes you cry. Stay away from it. Seriously...

Monday, December 17, 2007


If you are wondering, the above is the title of a malay drama shown not long ago. It was about this man, the lead character, who happily slipped into bachelor mood during his wife's confinement period.


Well, since Aily is now in Sibu and both the kids are in Seremban, I am also 'bujang kembali' at the moment, hahahahaha.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Allah, semalam Ok. Ini hari lain la pulak cerita.

Semalam balik beriya2 nak pegi lagi sekolah. Ada mini zoo lah, ada teacher lah. Alih-alih hari ni dah tak nak. Pujuk punya pujuk, pegi la jugak. Dah sampai sekolah, tak bagi aku balik pulak. Beriya-beriya menangis tak nak bagi aku balik. Sampai meleleh air hidung. Terpaksa aku main Play-Doh pagi-pagi ni. Tu pun tak ok jugak. Akhir cerita, aku ajak dia balik rumah. Nasib baik rumah dekat. Tamat episod pertama.

Sampai rumah, Mufasa mengamuk - akulah Mufasa tu!!! (Yelah, takkan nak mengamuk depan cikgu sekolah tadika tu.) Itu pun degil jugak tu. Aku ambik patung Ultraman, campak atas almari. Puas hati aku. Akhirnya pegi jugak tapi Wan dia yang hantar. Wan dia lepak kejap, lepas tu balik. Ok pulak - aisehhh. Tamat Episod Kedua Hari Kedua Emil Sekolah.

Ini hari tak dak gambag!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The day has finally arrived. Anak aku dah pegi sekolah. Another milestone. There are some pics. Will blog about this later.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Aduhhh, satria tak boleh start lagi. Baru semalam aku start ok. Alih2 pagi ni dah flat out.Nak kena buka bateri lagi la ni.

Friday, November 30, 2007


I brought Emil to Friday prayer today. He hysterically insisted to follow me. I cannot use the word 'no' lest he would not want to go at all in future. In the end, I relented and hoped for the best.

Alhamdulillah, all went well. He sat tight and listened through the 2 khutbahs, though he did perform some acrobatic moves in the process. He performed his 2 rakaats (aku memang tak khusyuk la, asyik menjeling je). After salam, gave him a kiss on the head and he hugged me in return. Rasa nak menangis pun ada masa tu.

Syukur Ya Allah...syukur.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ADUH!!!! BISA...

We started using help of an indonesian maid since last July. The 2 boys are now left under the care of the maid while we are at work. Household chores are now lightened to some extent.

However, of late, Emil has been speaking a mixture of English and Indonesian. Recently, for example, I had told him that he will not be able to unlock the keys to our house. He succeeded after few tenacious attempts. At that instant, he turned to me and casually said, "See, Emil BISA!!!"


Monday, November 26, 2007


Went to Terengganu last week. Crashed Zul's place for 2 nights. First class hospitality, keropok lekor style.

Went out and about Gerai Teluk Ketapang,Heritage Bay Club, Kuarters Jalan Kamaruddin, Paradise-"something", Tropix Bistro, Wisma Darul Iman, Masjid Putih, Gerai Ayer Nyior Masjid Putih, Primula Beach Resort, kedai keropok Losong, nasi goreng ayam mak mentua Zul, Pantai Batu Buruk and Dataran Syahbandar. busy pose zul could muster...

...najdah, zul & hood...

Thank you very much.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Kari Paling Best Di Manjung

If you happen to be in Teluk Batik (or Manjung or Lumut), try to locate this small eatery just after the junction to Teluk Batik. This gerai is situated alongside the left side of the road heading to Teluk Murok (one sign says Teluk Muroh), just before Masjid Sultan Idris.

The makcik there cooks a very tasty curry that all caution about waistlines will be thrown away. I went there twice, first for breakfast and another for lunch. Both times, I had a very delicious and satisfying meals. The price was really, really cheap too.

Don't take my word for it. Please have a go yourself.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


PS2, PS3...

Semalam aku jadi saksi mata kepala aku sendiri kesan negatif ps2. Ada sorang brader ni anak dah tiga. Dok ghalit main ps2 kat kedai sony. Yang bini dok ternganga layan laki. Anak bungsu dia umur dalam setahun lebih sikit dah merayau masuk kedai sebelah pun tak sedaq.

Aily ambik dan dukung lalu sebelah depa pun depa tak perasan.

Kemudian, bila Aily dah lepas dah anak dia & budak tu pi tarik seluaq bapak dia baru hamba Allah berdengung tu let go dia punya joystick - apa kes???

Aku rasa nak lempang je mamat tu.

Lagi best, bila Aily sound anak dia dah merayau jauh - depa laki bini dok kata apa hangpa tau, dok salahkan satu sama lain. Dok kata " you la ni", kata bini dia. Laki dia kata pulak " You la ni"...

Nasib baik aku...kalau wong ke, faz ke, mufasa ke (ni semua sahabat-sahabat pendekar aku) dah lama kena penendang dah mamat ni.
p/s : aku tulis dalam loghat kedah sebab nak bagi lagi umphhhh cerita ni.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Dear Emil,

You are 4 today. That means it has been four years since you popped your head into this world and into our lives. I suppose you still don't get the real spirit of birthday, yet. But will get it in no time, I'm sure. But how does it feel, anyway? Hope you are excited as much as we, abah & mama, are.

You will get many present today. Already, Mimi had given you Ben 10's Stinkfly & Ultraman in advance. You know the big heavy package that I lugged around yesterday? The one that I told was for my friend? That is actually a present for you. It's wood bricks that you can arrange into a city. Hope you like it. Mama is organising a small family get together this afternoon. She ordered a cake especially for the occassion. In addition, she also bought a nice (read : expensive) shirt for you to wear this afternoon. That is how excited we are!!! A little trivia - this will be the first time your birthday falls outside bulan puasa. All your birthdays (except your birth day) before this happened during Ramadhan.

So Emil, Happy Fourth Birthday. Hope you will have many good years ahead of you. Do not be too naughty (we have many complaints now). Sayang dan doa from abah & mama.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bersenam Baik Untuk Otak

Betul la.

Memang bersenam baik untuk otak. Pagi ni, setelah berlari 3 km dan berjalan balik rumah dalam 1.5 km, kepala otak ini melantun-lantun dengan idea untuk menulis dan mengemaskini blog. Memang terbukti berkesan.

Cumanya, aku nak kena pegi KL lepas ni. Ada bakal penyewa nak tengok rumah & Aily nak pegi "beraya" di The Curve.

Emil Birthday Present

Emil birthday is just 2 days away. But we still have no idea what to get him for his birthday. Easiest way out would be toys, obviously. But that boy already has toys in truckloads. And us, being the visionary parents that we are (hahahaha), would not want him to have only toys in his mind. Then again, toys will surely make him happy. And if a child is happy, the parents will be happier. And happy parents hold their hands together. Holding hand means more skin contact. Skin contact ignites chemical reaction (electricity???). Chemical reaction leads to...and I digress, hehehehe...

Ok, ok, back to the original issue. What to get huh? What about books? Giving books will imply that we as parents are, well, 'visinonary'. But books entail more tasks for us. As Emil still cannot read (and we predict the status quo will remain until the next birthday), he will bug us to read for him. And that will not be good. Our precious personal time will be reduced. If that happens, we will certainly will not be happy and unhappy parents don't hold hands. No skin contact means no chemical reaction. No chemical reaction know what it means lah...hehehehe...that cannot happen...cannot!!! And I digress, again. Thousand apologies.

So obviously the front runner is TOYS. But that boy gets new toys every other week. So the toy must be very distinctive. Distinctive means either BIG, BRIGHT or HEAVY. And these three words, if they are combined and rearranged, will spell EXPENSIVE, hahahahahaha...

We will keep our options open.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Par Score@Staffield

16 October 2007. 18th hole, Southern Nine, Staffield Golf & Country Resort. It shall be etched in history. A milestone. A personal achievement. APPLAUSE. STANDING OVATION.

I got my first par score, par 4. Not the whole game lah. Only that particular hole. It was a dog leg hole. I teed off over over the water hazard to the right of the fairway. The second shot went to the right within the sight of the green. By the third shot, the ball was on.

I did not realise that a par score beckoned until Kandaq pointed it out to me. Crunch time. I took out the putter. I stood still to find composure. Hit it. Then the sweet sound of the ball sinking in the hole.

Eleh. Baru dapat par satu lubang, kecoh!!! Ye lah, ingat senang ke. In total, that particular hole was only the 54th hole since I started playing. Achievement what??? Suka hati akulah...janji aku happy.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Alhamdulillah, zakat fitrah bagi saya dan tanggungan saya telah ditunaikan tengah hari tadi. Kadar pada tahun ini bagi Negeri Sembilan adalah RM5 seorang. Kesemuanya berjumlah RM25 bagi saya sendiri dan 4 tanggungan saya (isteri, 2 anak dan pembantu rumah).


Hari ini pada tanggal 30 Ramadhan 1428 Hijrah, Eiddin telah membalikkan badannya dan meniarap tanpa bantuan sesiapa buat pertama kalinya. Tiada bukti sempat direkodkan. Semua berlaku begitu pantas. Abah pun tak sempat tengok. Atuk dia sorang je sempat tengok.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The nation's first Angkasawan blasted off into space last night.

While I did not jump out of my kain pelikat & shouted "Malaysiaku Gemilang" at Dale Lokman's cue upon the blast off being declared a success, I did offer prayers for the safe passage of Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, though honestly, I am hardly excited about the whole space program.

Hopefully, good things will come out of this program. Good things that can benefit the rakyat. God forbid that this is just a quest for the glory of certain quarters. Hope it's money well spent.

Insya Allah.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Emil & I went out last night for supper with fadli & bobo. On our way home, I overheard Emil saying 'halloween, halloween' and 'trick or treat' over and over again. So I asked him what was that all about. "Emil nak celebrate Halloween la abah". Ahhh, doubt this is the result of 12 hours daily dosage of Cartoon Network, PHDC, etc.

So I said,"We Muslims don't celebrate Halloween lah, Emil. Kita celebrate Hari Raya saja."" Tapi Emil nak celebrate Halloween," was his reply. Just how do I get out of this? So I went on and on about how Allah will be angry, and if Allah angry we will be thrown in hell (to Emil Hell is where bad people got imprisoned and beaten).

So he relented, but not fully. His parting shot was, "Abah saje lah celebrate Hari Raya. Emil watch abah saje."

Allah, tak selesai jugak rupanya...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yesterday started early for us. Left home at 6.45 am with everybody in tow as we had promised Emil that that he'll be spending the day in Cyberjaya. Managed to settle everything by 8.00.

Come 4.45 pm. Time to pack and go home for buka puasa in Cyberjaya. I figured there's no need to bring my work bag home - buat menambah berat je.

7.10 pm - Buka puasa.

9.00 pm - Left Cyberjaya via Putrajaya-Serdang-Sg Besi-Bdr Sri Permaisuri.

10.00 pm - Arrived safely.

Then Aily popped the question, "Kunci rumah mana?". " Ada kat dalam kotak tu", I gave an auto reply. Few seconds passed before Aily declared, "Mana??? Takde pun...".

Ahhhhhh, I came to realize that I must've left the key at the office. But that did not stop me from starting to rummage through everything and turned everything inside out under a false hope - please,please let it be there. I surrendered after a while.

After considering few options to settle the impasse, which included driving back to the office (which was not really a good idea since the office would be locked), Aily remembered that Amin still have a set of the house keys with him. So we set off to Bandar Sri Damansara to wait for Amin who had to cut short his 'dating' in Shah Alam to attend to us. All the way there, Emil kept asking where were we going.

While waiting for Amin, we had a feast of McD by the roadside at Bandar Sri Damansara - macam pelarian pun ada!!!

Reached home just after midnight. By then, everybody was on auto-pilot. 12.35, everybody collapsed.

Huhhhh, letih...

Monday, September 17, 2007


I was experimenting with aperture & depth of field. Comments welcomed.


This was just the calm before the storm. The storm started exactly at 3.30 a.m. - huarghhhhhhhhhhh...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Kepada semua yang singgah atau lalu menerusi blog ini, selamat berpuasa. Semoga Ramadhan tahun ini lebih bermakna kepada kita semua dan lebih baik daripada Ramadhan-Ramadhan terdahulu.

Semalam saya telah menerima ucapan selamat berpuasa daripada 2 hamba allah yang berlainan agama dan bangsa semasa terserempak di dalam lif. Mereka tidak saya kenali sebelum ini walaupun salah seorang daripada mereka adalah jiran di hadapan rumah - masih ada harapan untuk negara Malaysia, saya fikir...

Monday, September 10, 2007


YESTERDAY, I took emil to watch his first football match. It was the final match of the ANSARA CUP between QUAD COLOURS and ANSARA at the PERMATA Stadium in Bangi.

Unfortunately, emil was under the impression that he was also going to play there too. Oh my - all hell broke loose when I told him that we were supposed to be on the stands, not on the field. What started as small sobs gradually built up into full scale of ear shattering wailings and shoutings. It was wholly my fault as I had promised him that we are going to the field. And by going to the field, to emil it meant we are supposed to play and not just sit and watch. Ruff's bribery attempt failed though emil took the RM10 offered.

...Emil calming down...

It wasn't until half an hour later that emil started to calm down and agreed to play along the sidelines and on the tracks. Few attempts were made to run into the middle of the field nevertheless. Luckily, there was an old boy who brought his family and syam who brought umar along. They clicked and only then did I start to snap these pics.

...showing his disapproval...

...Foo giving pointers...

...discussing the game...

FYI, MCOBA QUAD COLOURS lost the game on penalty shoot out 5-4 after the game tied 1-1 at the final whistle.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Due to miscommunications and misunderstandings, I am now the official SIRIM ISO 9000 STANDARD for "KINCHING". Below the standardization process that I had to go through to obtain the exalted status.


On 13/08/07, E 24 9094 <> wrote:

Minggu lepas hari Selasa 7hb Ogos : Epit menghantar email "Training Rugby Rain or Shine Padang Merbuk'…mengajak orang turun beramai-ramai.

Follow-up by SMS Epit meng'sms' semua org pada hari Sabtu 11hb Ogos me'remind' org supaya jangan lupa turun... ( semua org kagum ketika itu dgn komitment penganjur ...hebat).

Saat yg ditunggu-tunggu hari ahad , pukul 5.30 ptg..batang hidung Epit tak langsung kelihatan…kadax dah termangu-mangu tunggu Epit… pukul 6.00 ptg…

Sharap selaku bekas pemain rugby Kebangsaan call Epit… bimbang takut-takut Epit tidak dapat hadir… mana tau accident ker apa… sayang Sharap kat Epit..tapi malangnya… langsung handphone tidak diangkat apatah lagi reply call….

Pukul 6.10 ptg - semua dah kecewa organizer tak dapat dihubungi..sambil menyumpah-nyumpah…teruskan bermain dengan apa orag sahaja yag hadir…Sehingga selesai game pukul 7.15. Cubaan call epit masih lagi gagal. Epit langsung tidak reply call…….akibatnya....Sharap amatlah geram sehingga koyak boot dia hari tu...boot yg dipakai bertahun-bertahun semejak mewakili Pahang dlm SUKMA...

Dengan ini..saya mengistiharkan..inilah kincingan paling hebat diabad ini…. Memang rumah leman hebat kincing orang…. Bermula Ruff ( incident masuk MCOBA )..kemudian Fido ( incident kawin..bior org mandi hujan )..kemudian Epit sekali lagi saya mengingatkan..JANGAN PERCAYA....


hahahaha...aku tak dapat clearance semalam...korang nak potong konek aku pun dah tak boleh. gadap dah ambik dulu.


banyak la aksi kencingan abad ini. patut la hancing. Hehehehe –kno

x dapat clearance for rugby at 5:15 sebab the whole morning sampai pukul 4 main golf dgn fudul kan? ke those 2 things were on separate days? –chamat

separate days la, kan aku main dengan kapitan auld dawgs tu –epit

oh ya - lesen kau either saturday or sunday ek hehe –chamat

woi epit,

sedapppp je kincing orang...( ini topic bell ke?)
at least jawablah phone kalau ye pun - kesian orang menungguuuuuuuuuu – fadli

Aku tak sure la sebab tu. Tapi yg pasti aku call epit and he confessed that he overslept on that day - chibiok ( sial la lu chibix!!!)


On 8/27/07, Abu Usama <> wrote:

Kali ni yang jadi mangsa adalah Kadaque. Nak tahu lebih detail tanya lah Kadaque.
p/s Saran potong telur pulak.
The above and few other incidents previuosly - breakfast with gadap, MigDuck prog - accelerated the process.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


OLD ANJ*** v. OLD BE***

...taking the swings...

4 members of 2 of the most notorious factions in koleq circa 9094 gathered at the UPM Golf Course on Saturday, 11/8/2007 for a round of golf.

Fadhil & myself, who were respectively head and secretary of the Prefects Board, collectively known as "anjings" were up against Kadaq & Kadaq, members of the other end of the spectrum i.e. The Beruks - the mischief makers, gangsters, smoke-in-toilets, fun loving and people bashing group . Both groups reigned in year 1994.

We teed off at approximately 10 am and the the last putt was sunk at 3.45 pm. The weather was superfine and windy which prompted Kandaq to remark, " Macam main dekat Scotland." I wouldn't know. Never been there.

The course was fair. The first nine was superb while the second nine was very challenging. Clearly Fadhil was the best player of the day. Kandaq was natural. Kadaq was technical. Myself? I was simply enjoying the game (biasalah, dah kalah...hahahahaha).

Unfortunately, we wouldn't know the actual result as Fadhil had left the scorecard in the buggy. However, as I remember it, it is in this order : 1.Fadhil, 2.Kandaq, 3.Kadaq, 4.Myself.

Why "suicidal"?

Because we dared to take all shots before us be them difficult, impossible, crazy, plainly ridiculous or without any chance of success - very much like the days when we were 17.

Side Notes

1. Kandaq has quit smoking for 2 years. He is expecting his first clone in February 2008.

2. Kandaq & Kadaq took up golf just 6 months ago.

3. The definitive word for golf is now "natural"!!!

4. Fadhil will sponsor Class of 94 Golf Challenge Cup - to be held annually.

5. Mantra of the day - "It's all in your mind".

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ini Pun Champion Juga

But this one is no less a champion but in different weight category...hahaahaahhaha...

But the biggest champion of all has to be this one la...muahahahahahaha...

Prospective Tenants

The advert in the STAR was noticed.

There were few calls and 1 e-mail. One lady came over late afternoon today. But she's only willing to offer RM850. Another wants to have a look on Saturday.

Nothing's concrete yet.


This is the reigning champion, hahahahah...But last night was ok. He slept at 1.00.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Kalau kelmarin Eiddin was already up by 4.30, last night he was awake until 3.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Cerita doa bismikallah...

Seperti yang sedia maklum, doa 'BISMIKALLAHUMA AHYA WA AMUT' biasa dibaca waktu malam sebelum tidor.

Being pious (hehehehe), aku pun ajarlah EMIL baca doa tu sebelum tido but told him it is meant to ward off monsters. He bought it & selalu la baca...

Satu hari siang & terang benderang, aku ambik selimut & selubung badan aku sambil buat suara ala2 monster - sekali EMIL jerit -




Tersengguk-sengguk aku depan komputer hari ni. Eiddin woke up at 4.30 and was wide awake until we left for office.

Aku yang mengantuk...

Monday, August 06, 2007


After 3 years & 9 months, we are taking Emil to live with us in Cheras. He's been quite frank in telling us that he does not want to stay in Cheras, hahahaha...

He will miss his Atok & Mimmy, no doubt.

Interest in the Apartment

Posted the advert in the STAR on friday. A lady called. Asking for RM800. We only willing to go as low as RM900.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


School bullies seek victim’s forgiveness.

THE ACT : 9 girls assaulted & stripped a schoolmate, recorded the act & passed the clip around.

THE PERPETRATORS : Form Four students of SMK Keratong.

THE ACT OF REDEMPTION : Cried as they sought forgiveness from the victim yesterday.

THE PUNISHMENT: No expulsion but would have to attend a counselling and rehabilitation.

What??? That's it? No police action? No nothing? What they did was criminal. They can't get away just like that. Has anybody spare a thought about the victim? Her family?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Reaction of Chef-de-mission to next year's Beijing Olympics Datuk Ho Koh Chye regarding the issue to bar Cabinet members from holding positions in sports bodies taken from The Sun.

"If a minister has to pull out, they should first find a suitable replacement," he said, stressing that one cannot deny the importance of a politician who can open doors easier.

Which is why Ho supports the suggestion of retaining these ministers, deputy ministers and parliamentary secretaries as patrons.

"Say if I am the president of the MHF (Malaysia Hockey Federation) and if I were to call for an appointment with a minister, the voice on the other line will say who?

"But if someone influential and famous were to call, they'll say ok, appointment tomorrow!"

Typical thinking -names, titles & positions will take you places - SAD!!!

If that's the line of thinking of these sportspeople and I were the minister, I would have resigned on my own accord as my raison d'etre in the association is no better than a mule - a mode of transport.
Read between the lines. You are not there because you are capable, YB Menteri. And certainly not for the love of the game. You are there because you are a MINISTER. They are milking you for all your momentary worth. The minute you are dropped from the cabinet, or worse, dropped as YB - you are history.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


BANDAR Sri Permaisuri Kondo Bayu Tasik 2,

910 sf, 3r/2b, corner lot

3 a/c unit, kitchen cabinet+built in wardrobe, 2 car parks

Available Sept. Prefer Muslims.

RM1k neg.

Contact me 019 3388498 or drop a line.



Today's the first day of the eighth month of the year 2007.

Aily started working today after 2 months. The exams are over. Hopefully am able to get through this time around. Aily is probably the happiest person on earth now that I have finished my exams. She had been holding back for nearly 1 year since I decided to go back to school. I am all yours now dear, hahahahaha...

At last, Eiddin gave all of us a big smile last night. Emil learnt some new words. Most notably & often-used (and abused) - EMERGENCY - he's using it every time he's going to the toilet.

I have listed 10 things to in anticipation of the free time available -

1. MigDuck
2. Ride the bike
3. Use the camera
4. Auld Dawgs
5. Rent out the apartment
6. Move house
7. Read books
8. GolfTera Class of 94
9. Tambah bekalan akhirat

Wan passed away last Friday (27th July 2007) at the age of 85 - Al-Fatihah...

note : the pic was taken by Emil. No relevance with the jottings - just think it's beautiful.

Friday, June 01, 2007


The exam just a month away, hishhhhh...

I am still adjusting to the fact that I am now a father of two. Previously, the question was - "Anak macam mana?". Now - "Anak-anak macam mana?". When previously all attention was for Emil, now there is Eiddin too.

Joe sent me an sms wishing me luck - It's that hard a'ah, Joe??? But Mpro is still nonchalant, as cool as ever though he has now three boys in tow.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Alhamdulillah, after 9 months of waiting, the latest epit version 2.0 has safely arrived to malaysian shores via Negeri Sembilan. The consignment was delivered at approximately 6.23 pm on the 23rd day of May 2007. Incidentally, the date of arrival coincides with his mother ship which was commissioned 30 years ago.

It's healthy and beautiful boy in our eyes.

Selamat Datang ke Dunia, MUHAMMAD EIDDIN HAFIZ...

Thursday, March 15, 2007


While we had lunch, another good friend is flying off to Sabah to ask for a girl's hand in marriage. To the best of my knowledge, Sharap had been through so much to come to this stage.

All the best, bro. Kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana...

Had lunch at Bangi this afternoon with few long lost buddies.

Monday, March 12, 2007


It has been almost a month since the last entry. Not that there's nothing happening. It's just that I really enjoy the pleasure of procrastination. Who doesn't?

Here's recap of events which took place since the last entry.


The first training session was launched on the weekend before last. Read here and here as well as here . Enough said.


It is said curiosity kills a cat. Lucky it does not kill small children for Emil may have died ten times over. Latest case - 3 fingers got stuck in between the tiny opening of Maybank's glass door. He was shrieking like mad. The accident dented his confidence for a while, and it was a very, very short while. Back to usual jump and run routine soon after.


Fadli was back in town. Annual 'sembelih' was held soon after. This time, it was at Sari Indah, Alamanda Putrajaya. Those who came - Mpro & Co., Chamat. Jita joined for coffe @ Starbucks. Coffee session was courtesy of ACCENTURE - High Performance. Delivered.


Ayah & Mak & Kak Cik and son came over in search of their son who got lost in KL and could not find his way back to Sungai Petani. In anticipation, we stocked the fridge with fish, chicken and vege, heheheh. Mak got the cue. Isn't she always?

Took them for a stroll at Tasik Titiwangsa and had coffee near the Eye on Malaysia.

There were few more events. More than I care to remember. Will learn to jot things down while traversing life.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


As a gift for our recent anniversary, Aily got me a cash voucher from The Times Bookshop. I decided to exchange it for the book pictured above. Don't know when will be able to read it.


Thank you very much for the present. I love you.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


On the way KL-Koleq-KL last weekend, Wong, Chib, Badut and I got to discuss so many things. One of the topic was how to get our kids to taste some degree of hardship considering most of our children are now so pampered in their life, thanks to us.

Wong suggested a camping trip. Working on that premise, we came up with the idea of having a summer camp for the sons and daughters of Class of 94 which, I think, is brilliant. Instead of spending thousands of our hard earned RM sending kids to summer camps organized by the likes of hassan ali and fadzillah kamsah , we would pool our resources to hold a summer camp tailored to our visions and objectives (read : our whims and fancies). Wong said he has been doing this all this while for his nephews and cousins.

The best thing about this is us, the parents can actually join the camp as well. Wonderful.

The idea was thrown to the rest of Class of 94 bunch. So far the response has been encouraging. Even those who don't have kids could also join as speakers or trainers. Further, the bond shared between the members of our batch can be extended to include our kids as well. Emil so far is quite fond of my friends. He easily remembers 10 to 15 names.

I will probably will have to see that this idea takes shape. Emil is going to be 7 in 3 years time. Good time to start.

Insya Allah.


CNY Weekend

Can't wait for this week to be over. Long weekend is looming. no class during the CNY holidays.Yahooo...boleh lepak.

Study weeehhhh!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Was A Rugby Player

In the not so distant past, I once played rugby. I started off as loose head prop before shifting to blind side flanker during my leaner and fitter days. The last position I played was a hooker.

Below are BBC's take on the demands of each position I once played. Just wondering what the hell I was doing on the field then, hahahahaha...

Loose head Prop

A prop's main role is to scrummage, support in the line-out, tackle and hit the rucks and mauls.

No matter how fast and powerful the game becomes, a prop will always be a prop. The difference nowadays is that props also have to be able to catch, time a pass to put team-mates into space and run.

Many top props are now very powerful runners and you may even see the odd sidestep. The tight-head prop is very much the fulcrum. He anchors the whole scrum and is destructive in a negative sense. He will be trying to put the opposition loose-head under pressure.

The primary role of the loose-head, on the other hand, is to look after the hooker so he can get a clean strike at the ball, but these days loose-heads have to be destructive too. The tight-head plays on the right of the front-row and mainly uses the right-hand side of his body, whereas the loose-head's left side dominates. Because of this it is fairly rare to find someone who can excel at both. To be a good prop, you've really got to enjoy the position - it's not everyone's cup of tea, putting your head where it hurts.

It's possibly the only true position on the field where you actually have a one-on-one with your opposite number and I relished that aspect of it. You need to love that confrontational challenge to get the most out of it.

England's Phil Vickery is my idea of a perfect modern prop. He's a fantastic scrummager, great in the line-out because he is quite tall, he has good hands, contributes all around the park and regularly tops the tackle count.

[My take : I was picked then because of my size and nothing else. At 58 kg and the height I had , I practically towered over 3/4 of the population then. It was torture having to carry that weight with the amount of running we had to do. But I managed fairly well.

As a prop, my job was only during the scrum. Apart form that, I as ar as I remember, I have little else to do except charging for the ball and tackling. ]

Blind Side Flanker

The number six is the guy who cleans out the rucks and is primarily a defensive player on the blind-side, shutting down the opposition number eight or number nine.

He needs to be someone who likes that confrontation and physically robust approach, and of the three back-row positions he needs to be the absolute bedrock.

The role hasn't changed much over the years, a blind-side flanker still has to make sure that the opposition doesn't get over the advantage line - it's his job to smash them back. If it has changed at all it's in the ball-carrying, not necessarily the off-load, but you have to be able to carry the ball to defensive lines and through defensive lines.

The All Blacks, for example, play a high-risk level of rugby these days, punching holes and then using short interplay to get in behind the opposition. For this, the blindside and the rest of the back-row are often used more as three-quarters to punch holes because they're bigger and can draw two defensive players, and if you can do that you've created a hole somewhere else.

My idea of world-class number sixes would be New Zealand's Jerry Collins or the old All Blacks legend Michael Jones.

[ My take : I believe I did fairly well in this position. Started at this position in Form 4 when I slimmed down considerably and was fast (or so I thought). Played for the school's first XV. Scored the first try of the tournament we played in 1994. Played in this position against Vaji as well.]


The key elements to the hooker's game are line-outs and scrummaging, and because of the way the game has gone, he has to be like a loose forward in open play. He's likely to be the last up at every second breakdown, so he'll need to be around for support and ball carrying.

Having a really big, heavy guy who can't get across the pitch is a waste of a position in modern rugby. Like all rugby players these days, the hooker has to be able to handle a ball, but scrummaging technique is going to become even more important with the change of rules.

Before, you could get away with a little bit of a charge, but now the charge is more controlled from a short range, so guys with good technique will do a lot of damage - good damage.

When packed down, a good hooker will try to get a lot of pressure through his right shoulder, and will do an awful lot of standing on his left leg as he goes for a sweeping strike down one of the channels. Striking for your own ball is important and though you rarely strike for the opposition ball, it depends on the scrum.

It's considered the height of arrogance to strike against the head but I always tried to have a go at one or two.

[I first played as a hooker against Vaji in 1993. I was the second choice. Abon, the first choice could not play because Abdullah Azizi, the father, didn't allow it. I think mainly because of his studies. When I joined MCOBA rugby team, I tried to reclaim the flanker position but did not get it because I was no longer fit to play as one. Alternatively, I played as hooker based on the occassional experience. During these time, the position was alternated between Abon & me. Admittedly, Abon was a better player so he was the 1st choice. But I still can outrun him anytime, hahahaha.]

Emil Demam

It's 5.45 am. Am up since 4.30 am as Emil is having a slightly high fever. So Aily & I take turns to watch him over, just in case. Hopefully it will go away soon. Or we might have to take him to the doctor.

Spain is one up against England at the moment. The way they are playing, damn sure they will not get the World Cup anytime soon.

Still unsure whether to take leave today. Work is piling up.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Long Weekend Hangover

Had 4-day weekend, starting from FT Day (1st Feb, incidentally our wedding anniversary) until yesterday. Expectedly, things were sluggish. Seghonok jugak sekali sekala macam ni. Looking forward for another long weekend this coming CNY.

Committed myself to Mighty Ducks project. You can read further here and here . Hope it will be worthwhile. This weekend will be off to good ole' KK, yehaaa. Mpro also called this morning to pledge his commitment, alhamdulillah.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's another boy...

It will be another boy for the latest addition to our family, insya allah.

Barring any twist of destiny and extreme defiance of modern medical technological advances, we have been told that it will be another boy for us. And we have picked a name for him.

The Sight & Sound

Nothing can beat the sound of Emil calling me out in the morning the moment he wakes up and the sight of the broad grin flashed across his glowing face. Ahhh, the simple wonders of life. Makes me feel that I have it all...

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Today is the 4th anniversary of our wedding. So far, so good, hahahaha...

I was browsing through when I chanced upon the above picture. The seemingly endless road signifies the journey that started on this very day 4 years ago. One can never tell where it will lead us & what Allah has for us throughout our journey together. We can never tell that it will all be a smooth, plain sailing travel. One of these days, there sure will be rainy days, thunderstorm, potholes and all along the the way. But there sure will be lot of times when the sun shines the brightest, when the fields are green and hopefully now and then we will come upon roads that are paved in gold.

Insya Allah...

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Do not be alarmed.

I will be away for 2 weeks starting tomorrow and will only be back on the 26th. As I will be going to a place devoid of mobile phone coverage and very limited access to the Net, it's best to declare that I might not be able to put on any postings until then (ye lah, macam selalu sangat update, hehehe...). I will try my best to reach the web while I am away, anyhow.

Until then.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Aily Down For 2 Weeks

Aily is on medical leave for 2 weeks starting yesterday. The doctor found out that her 'pintu rahim' has opened to some extent when we went for the unscheduled check up last Saturday. Basically, the doc's instruction is just for her to lie down so as not to aggravate the opening.

In the current situation, Aily is not under any danger. But if due attention was not given, the opening could harm the life of the baby. So we were made to understand.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Me & Wife

This was taken recently. The sun was direct above our heads and captured us perfectly. Aily gave the idea. Just think that it's nice. Tried to include Emil, but he was running all over the place..

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Posting Of the Year

This is my first posting of the year.

As usual, one of my resolutions for 2007 is to regularly update this blog...hahahahaha...