Sunday, August 12, 2007


OLD ANJ*** v. OLD BE***

...taking the swings...

4 members of 2 of the most notorious factions in koleq circa 9094 gathered at the UPM Golf Course on Saturday, 11/8/2007 for a round of golf.

Fadhil & myself, who were respectively head and secretary of the Prefects Board, collectively known as "anjings" were up against Kadaq & Kadaq, members of the other end of the spectrum i.e. The Beruks - the mischief makers, gangsters, smoke-in-toilets, fun loving and people bashing group . Both groups reigned in year 1994.

We teed off at approximately 10 am and the the last putt was sunk at 3.45 pm. The weather was superfine and windy which prompted Kandaq to remark, " Macam main dekat Scotland." I wouldn't know. Never been there.

The course was fair. The first nine was superb while the second nine was very challenging. Clearly Fadhil was the best player of the day. Kandaq was natural. Kadaq was technical. Myself? I was simply enjoying the game (biasalah, dah kalah...hahahahaha).

Unfortunately, we wouldn't know the actual result as Fadhil had left the scorecard in the buggy. However, as I remember it, it is in this order : 1.Fadhil, 2.Kandaq, 3.Kadaq, 4.Myself.

Why "suicidal"?

Because we dared to take all shots before us be them difficult, impossible, crazy, plainly ridiculous or without any chance of success - very much like the days when we were 17.

Side Notes

1. Kandaq has quit smoking for 2 years. He is expecting his first clone in February 2008.

2. Kandaq & Kadaq took up golf just 6 months ago.

3. The definitive word for golf is now "natural"!!!

4. Fadhil will sponsor Class of 94 Golf Challenge Cup - to be held annually.

5. Mantra of the day - "It's all in your mind".

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ini Pun Champion Juga

But this one is no less a champion but in different weight category...hahaahaahhaha...

But the biggest champion of all has to be this one la...muahahahahahaha...

Prospective Tenants

The advert in the STAR was noticed.

There were few calls and 1 e-mail. One lady came over late afternoon today. But she's only willing to offer RM850. Another wants to have a look on Saturday.

Nothing's concrete yet.


This is the reigning champion, hahahahah...But last night was ok. He slept at 1.00.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Kalau kelmarin Eiddin was already up by 4.30, last night he was awake until 3.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Cerita doa bismikallah...

Seperti yang sedia maklum, doa 'BISMIKALLAHUMA AHYA WA AMUT' biasa dibaca waktu malam sebelum tidor.

Being pious (hehehehe), aku pun ajarlah EMIL baca doa tu sebelum tido but told him it is meant to ward off monsters. He bought it & selalu la baca...

Satu hari siang & terang benderang, aku ambik selimut & selubung badan aku sambil buat suara ala2 monster - sekali EMIL jerit -




Tersengguk-sengguk aku depan komputer hari ni. Eiddin woke up at 4.30 and was wide awake until we left for office.

Aku yang mengantuk...

Monday, August 06, 2007


After 3 years & 9 months, we are taking Emil to live with us in Cheras. He's been quite frank in telling us that he does not want to stay in Cheras, hahahaha...

He will miss his Atok & Mimmy, no doubt.

Interest in the Apartment

Posted the advert in the STAR on friday. A lady called. Asking for RM800. We only willing to go as low as RM900.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


School bullies seek victim’s forgiveness.

THE ACT : 9 girls assaulted & stripped a schoolmate, recorded the act & passed the clip around.

THE PERPETRATORS : Form Four students of SMK Keratong.

THE ACT OF REDEMPTION : Cried as they sought forgiveness from the victim yesterday.

THE PUNISHMENT: No expulsion but would have to attend a counselling and rehabilitation.

What??? That's it? No police action? No nothing? What they did was criminal. They can't get away just like that. Has anybody spare a thought about the victim? Her family?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Reaction of Chef-de-mission to next year's Beijing Olympics Datuk Ho Koh Chye regarding the issue to bar Cabinet members from holding positions in sports bodies taken from The Sun.

"If a minister has to pull out, they should first find a suitable replacement," he said, stressing that one cannot deny the importance of a politician who can open doors easier.

Which is why Ho supports the suggestion of retaining these ministers, deputy ministers and parliamentary secretaries as patrons.

"Say if I am the president of the MHF (Malaysia Hockey Federation) and if I were to call for an appointment with a minister, the voice on the other line will say who?

"But if someone influential and famous were to call, they'll say ok, appointment tomorrow!"

Typical thinking -names, titles & positions will take you places - SAD!!!

If that's the line of thinking of these sportspeople and I were the minister, I would have resigned on my own accord as my raison d'etre in the association is no better than a mule - a mode of transport.
Read between the lines. You are not there because you are capable, YB Menteri. And certainly not for the love of the game. You are there because you are a MINISTER. They are milking you for all your momentary worth. The minute you are dropped from the cabinet, or worse, dropped as YB - you are history.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


BANDAR Sri Permaisuri Kondo Bayu Tasik 2,

910 sf, 3r/2b, corner lot

3 a/c unit, kitchen cabinet+built in wardrobe, 2 car parks

Available Sept. Prefer Muslims.

RM1k neg.

Contact me 019 3388498 or drop a line.



Today's the first day of the eighth month of the year 2007.

Aily started working today after 2 months. The exams are over. Hopefully am able to get through this time around. Aily is probably the happiest person on earth now that I have finished my exams. She had been holding back for nearly 1 year since I decided to go back to school. I am all yours now dear, hahahahaha...

At last, Eiddin gave all of us a big smile last night. Emil learnt some new words. Most notably & often-used (and abused) - EMERGENCY - he's using it every time he's going to the toilet.

I have listed 10 things to in anticipation of the free time available -

1. MigDuck
2. Ride the bike
3. Use the camera
4. Auld Dawgs
5. Rent out the apartment
6. Move house
7. Read books
8. GolfTera Class of 94
9. Tambah bekalan akhirat

Wan passed away last Friday (27th July 2007) at the age of 85 - Al-Fatihah...

note : the pic was taken by Emil. No relevance with the jottings - just think it's beautiful.