Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Today's the first day of the eighth month of the year 2007.

Aily started working today after 2 months. The exams are over. Hopefully am able to get through this time around. Aily is probably the happiest person on earth now that I have finished my exams. She had been holding back for nearly 1 year since I decided to go back to school. I am all yours now dear, hahahahaha...

At last, Eiddin gave all of us a big smile last night. Emil learnt some new words. Most notably & often-used (and abused) - EMERGENCY - he's using it every time he's going to the toilet.

I have listed 10 things to in anticipation of the free time available -

1. MigDuck
2. Ride the bike
3. Use the camera
4. Auld Dawgs
5. Rent out the apartment
6. Move house
7. Read books
8. GolfTera Class of 94
9. Tambah bekalan akhirat

Wan passed away last Friday (27th July 2007) at the age of 85 - Al-Fatihah...

note : the pic was taken by Emil. No relevance with the jottings - just think it's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hah!!! Probably the happiest..sat je happy nye sebab tengok list tu nombor 10 baru bab nak please me and the la? no 9 baru nak tambah amalan....the top?...MCKK tercinta again....nak buat persatuan isteri-isteri yang senasib dgn saya la....huhuuuuu

Anonymous said...

waduh waduh...awal2 dah kena ni epit. how?

walaupun no 10 tapi all CAPITAL LETTER.. maksudnya the most important la tu..

abah emil said...

betoi la tu...orang putih kata - LAST BUT NOT LEAST...

KNizam said...

ko dah angkat dslr kah?

BBC 4eva said...

CAPITAL LETTER bukankah digunakan dalam situasi marah dan tension ke? hahahaha

p/s: ataupun nak tubuh persatuan suami-suami yang senasib

abah emil said...


tak. aku cuma beli 2nd hand dslr like camera fujifilm s9500. boleh la as beginner.

nanti aku jumpa ko aku bawak.

aini said...

buleh la join kitorang ride bike kat putrajaya lepas ni