Friday, August 03, 2007

Reaction of Chef-de-mission to next year's Beijing Olympics Datuk Ho Koh Chye regarding the issue to bar Cabinet members from holding positions in sports bodies taken from The Sun.

"If a minister has to pull out, they should first find a suitable replacement," he said, stressing that one cannot deny the importance of a politician who can open doors easier.

Which is why Ho supports the suggestion of retaining these ministers, deputy ministers and parliamentary secretaries as patrons.

"Say if I am the president of the MHF (Malaysia Hockey Federation) and if I were to call for an appointment with a minister, the voice on the other line will say who?

"But if someone influential and famous were to call, they'll say ok, appointment tomorrow!"

Typical thinking -names, titles & positions will take you places - SAD!!!

If that's the line of thinking of these sportspeople and I were the minister, I would have resigned on my own accord as my raison d'etre in the association is no better than a mule - a mode of transport.
Read between the lines. You are not there because you are capable, YB Menteri. And certainly not for the love of the game. You are there because you are a MINISTER. They are milking you for all your momentary worth. The minute you are dropped from the cabinet, or worse, dropped as YB - you are history.

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