Sunday, August 12, 2007


OLD ANJ*** v. OLD BE***

...taking the swings...

4 members of 2 of the most notorious factions in koleq circa 9094 gathered at the UPM Golf Course on Saturday, 11/8/2007 for a round of golf.

Fadhil & myself, who were respectively head and secretary of the Prefects Board, collectively known as "anjings" were up against Kadaq & Kadaq, members of the other end of the spectrum i.e. The Beruks - the mischief makers, gangsters, smoke-in-toilets, fun loving and people bashing group . Both groups reigned in year 1994.

We teed off at approximately 10 am and the the last putt was sunk at 3.45 pm. The weather was superfine and windy which prompted Kandaq to remark, " Macam main dekat Scotland." I wouldn't know. Never been there.

The course was fair. The first nine was superb while the second nine was very challenging. Clearly Fadhil was the best player of the day. Kandaq was natural. Kadaq was technical. Myself? I was simply enjoying the game (biasalah, dah kalah...hahahahaha).

Unfortunately, we wouldn't know the actual result as Fadhil had left the scorecard in the buggy. However, as I remember it, it is in this order : 1.Fadhil, 2.Kandaq, 3.Kadaq, 4.Myself.

Why "suicidal"?

Because we dared to take all shots before us be them difficult, impossible, crazy, plainly ridiculous or without any chance of success - very much like the days when we were 17.

Side Notes

1. Kandaq has quit smoking for 2 years. He is expecting his first clone in February 2008.

2. Kandaq & Kadaq took up golf just 6 months ago.

3. The definitive word for golf is now "natural"!!!

4. Fadhil will sponsor Class of 94 Golf Challenge Cup - to be held annually.

5. Mantra of the day - "It's all in your mind".


Khalidsworld said...

saper yang menang?

kawaii_desu said...

if golf is now being defined as natural, so the word sakit pinggang is not relevant la... huhu

nice to see such friendship... after more than 10 years still strong

abah emil said...


fadhil la...but there was no betting.

form 1 '94 said...

Nice to see how people from different cliques in school can get together after keluar koleq.
Well,kata unite satu batch.Dah lama tak dengar 'anjing' and 'beruk'.My batch even ada 'half anjing-half beruk'.

KNizam said...

hapdate weiiii

Noni Kapet said...

epit - sapa jambu kau f1 94 yang duduk minat kat kau?

i thot u didn't do jambu, betik only?

Woi please arrange meeting Sukantara. It's time to get serious, otherwise mati kita kena kapak.

This time around wong sure succeed nak buang aku from batch - for the love of aku, sila lah arrange meeting sukantara.

kawaii_desu said...

adik i pun batch f1 '94 tau but not jambu

abah emil said...

kalau adik u, mesti feature anak mami kan?

most likely jadi jambu ayien sbb ayien memang minat anak mami.

kalau hitam manis - taste mpro.

I suka yg putih gebu - hahahahahaha

Form 4 '97 said...

Epit dgn Mpro mana layan jambu batch f1 '94. Ada sekali tu masa '97, Epit ngan Mpro datang West Wing nak jumpa 2 jambu diorang yang masa tu dah form 5.Tapi sorang je jambu diorang yg sudi jumpa. Lagi sorang tu dah tak sanggup dirinya diperjambukan oleh Epit & Mpro.This story is no bullshit.Aku tengok dengan mata kepala aku sendiri sebab aku duduk West Wing. do you like that?

epit said...

Dear F4 '97.

I assume that you a a real person and not one of our prank-loving friends - re "...This story is no bullshit..."

I'd like to take this comment in good spirit but your punch line -"how do you like that?" - gave it a different connotation altogether. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

If you are reading this, in respond to your comment and I am keeping it within the confine of this incident - in all honesty, it was not a particularly pleasant experience. What do you expect lah??? Embarrasing, yes. Did it make us a lesser men - No.

But I find it very intriguing that you are able to remember this incident. If I remember correctly, it happened only around 40 mins, 1 hour tops.

And all these while we, aku & mpro, thought that we were not significant enough to be noticed.