Tuesday, October 23, 2007


PS2, PS3...

Semalam aku jadi saksi mata kepala aku sendiri kesan negatif ps2. Ada sorang brader ni anak dah tiga. Dok ghalit main ps2 kat kedai sony. Yang bini dok ternganga layan laki. Anak bungsu dia umur dalam setahun lebih sikit dah merayau masuk kedai sebelah pun tak sedaq.

Aily ambik dan dukung lalu sebelah depa pun depa tak perasan.

Kemudian, bila Aily dah lepas dah anak dia & budak tu pi tarik seluaq bapak dia baru hamba Allah berdengung tu let go dia punya joystick - apa kes???

Aku rasa nak lempang je mamat tu.

Lagi best, bila Aily sound anak dia dah merayau jauh - depa laki bini dok kata apa hangpa tau, dok salahkan satu sama lain. Dok kata " you la ni", kata bini dia. Laki dia kata pulak " You la ni"...

Nasib baik aku...kalau wong ke, faz ke, mufasa ke (ni semua sahabat-sahabat pendekar aku) dah lama kena penendang dah mamat ni.
p/s : aku tulis dalam loghat kedah sebab nak bagi lagi umphhhh cerita ni.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Dear Emil,

You are 4 today. That means it has been four years since you popped your head into this world and into our lives. I suppose you still don't get the real spirit of birthday, yet. But will get it in no time, I'm sure. But how does it feel, anyway? Hope you are excited as much as we, abah & mama, are.

You will get many present today. Already, Mimi had given you Ben 10's Stinkfly & Ultraman in advance. You know the big heavy package that I lugged around yesterday? The one that I told was for my friend? That is actually a present for you. It's wood bricks that you can arrange into a city. Hope you like it. Mama is organising a small family get together this afternoon. She ordered a cake especially for the occassion. In addition, she also bought a nice (read : expensive) shirt for you to wear this afternoon. That is how excited we are!!! A little trivia - this will be the first time your birthday falls outside bulan puasa. All your birthdays (except your birth day) before this happened during Ramadhan.

So Emil, Happy Fourth Birthday. Hope you will have many good years ahead of you. Do not be too naughty (we have many complaints now). Sayang dan doa from abah & mama.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bersenam Baik Untuk Otak

Betul la.

Memang bersenam baik untuk otak. Pagi ni, setelah berlari 3 km dan berjalan balik rumah dalam 1.5 km, kepala otak ini melantun-lantun dengan idea untuk menulis dan mengemaskini blog. Memang terbukti berkesan.

Cumanya, aku nak kena pegi KL lepas ni. Ada bakal penyewa nak tengok rumah & Aily nak pegi "beraya" di The Curve.

Emil Birthday Present

Emil birthday is just 2 days away. But we still have no idea what to get him for his birthday. Easiest way out would be toys, obviously. But that boy already has toys in truckloads. And us, being the visionary parents that we are (hahahaha), would not want him to have only toys in his mind. Then again, toys will surely make him happy. And if a child is happy, the parents will be happier. And happy parents hold their hands together. Holding hand means more skin contact. Skin contact ignites chemical reaction (electricity???). Chemical reaction leads to...and I digress, hehehehe...

Ok, ok, back to the original issue. What to get huh? What about books? Giving books will imply that we as parents are, well, 'visinonary'. But books entail more tasks for us. As Emil still cannot read (and we predict the status quo will remain until the next birthday), he will bug us to read for him. And that will not be good. Our precious personal time will be reduced. If that happens, we will certainly will not be happy and unhappy parents don't hold hands. No skin contact means no chemical reaction. No chemical reaction means...you know what it means lah...hehehehe...that cannot happen...cannot!!! And I digress, again. Thousand apologies.

So obviously the front runner is TOYS. But that boy gets new toys every other week. So the toy must be very distinctive. Distinctive means either BIG, BRIGHT or HEAVY. And these three words, if they are combined and rearranged, will spell EXPENSIVE, hahahahahaha...

We will keep our options open.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Par Score@Staffield

16 October 2007. 18th hole, Southern Nine, Staffield Golf & Country Resort. It shall be etched in history. A milestone. A personal achievement. APPLAUSE. STANDING OVATION.

I got my first par score, par 4. Not the whole game lah. Only that particular hole. It was a dog leg hole. I teed off over over the water hazard to the right of the fairway. The second shot went to the right within the sight of the green. By the third shot, the ball was on.

I did not realise that a par score beckoned until Kandaq pointed it out to me. Crunch time. I took out the putter. I stood still to find composure. Hit it. Then the sweet sound of the ball sinking in the hole.

Eleh. Baru dapat par satu lubang, kecoh!!! Ye lah, ingat senang ke. In total, that particular hole was only the 54th hole since I started playing. Achievement what??? Suka hati akulah...janji aku happy.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Alhamdulillah, zakat fitrah bagi saya dan tanggungan saya telah ditunaikan tengah hari tadi. Kadar pada tahun ini bagi Negeri Sembilan adalah RM5 seorang. Kesemuanya berjumlah RM25 bagi saya sendiri dan 4 tanggungan saya (isteri, 2 anak dan pembantu rumah).


Hari ini pada tanggal 30 Ramadhan 1428 Hijrah, Eiddin telah membalikkan badannya dan meniarap tanpa bantuan sesiapa buat pertama kalinya. Tiada bukti sempat direkodkan. Semua berlaku begitu pantas. Abah pun tak sempat tengok. Atuk dia sorang je sempat tengok.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The nation's first Angkasawan blasted off into space last night.

While I did not jump out of my kain pelikat & shouted "Malaysiaku Gemilang" at Dale Lokman's cue upon the blast off being declared a success, I did offer prayers for the safe passage of Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, though honestly, I am hardly excited about the whole space program.

Hopefully, good things will come out of this program. Good things that can benefit the rakyat. God forbid that this is just a quest for the glory of certain quarters. Hope it's money well spent.

Insya Allah.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Emil & I went out last night for supper with fadli & bobo. On our way home, I overheard Emil saying 'halloween, halloween' and 'trick or treat' over and over again. So I asked him what was that all about. "Emil nak celebrate Halloween la abah". Ahhh, sudah...no doubt this is the result of 12 hours daily dosage of Cartoon Network, PHDC, etc.

So I said,"We Muslims don't celebrate Halloween lah, Emil. Kita celebrate Hari Raya saja."" Tapi Emil nak celebrate Halloween," was his reply. Just how do I get out of this? So I went on and on about how Allah will be angry, and if Allah angry we will be thrown in hell (to Emil Hell is where bad people got imprisoned and beaten).

So he relented, but not fully. His parting shot was, "Abah saje lah celebrate Hari Raya. Emil watch abah saje."

Allah, tak selesai jugak rupanya...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yesterday started early for us. Left home at 6.45 am with everybody in tow as we had promised Emil that that he'll be spending the day in Cyberjaya. Managed to settle everything by 8.00.

Come 4.45 pm. Time to pack and go home for buka puasa in Cyberjaya. I figured there's no need to bring my work bag home - buat menambah berat je.

7.10 pm - Buka puasa.

9.00 pm - Left Cyberjaya via Putrajaya-Serdang-Sg Besi-Bdr Sri Permaisuri.

10.00 pm - Arrived safely.

Then Aily popped the question, "Kunci rumah mana?". " Ada kat dalam kotak tu", I gave an auto reply. Few seconds passed before Aily declared, "Mana??? Takde pun...".

Ahhhhhh, I came to realize that I must've left the key at the office. But that did not stop me from starting to rummage through everything and turned everything inside out under a false hope - please,please let it be there. I surrendered after a while.

After considering few options to settle the impasse, which included driving back to the office (which was not really a good idea since the office would be locked), Aily remembered that Amin still have a set of the house keys with him. So we set off to Bandar Sri Damansara to wait for Amin who had to cut short his 'dating' in Shah Alam to attend to us. All the way there, Emil kept asking where were we going.

While waiting for Amin, we had a feast of McD by the roadside at Bandar Sri Damansara - macam pelarian pun ada!!!

Reached home just after midnight. By then, everybody was on auto-pilot. 12.35, everybody collapsed.

Huhhhh, letih...