Thursday, October 18, 2007

Emil Birthday Present

Emil birthday is just 2 days away. But we still have no idea what to get him for his birthday. Easiest way out would be toys, obviously. But that boy already has toys in truckloads. And us, being the visionary parents that we are (hahahaha), would not want him to have only toys in his mind. Then again, toys will surely make him happy. And if a child is happy, the parents will be happier. And happy parents hold their hands together. Holding hand means more skin contact. Skin contact ignites chemical reaction (electricity???). Chemical reaction leads to...and I digress, hehehehe...

Ok, ok, back to the original issue. What to get huh? What about books? Giving books will imply that we as parents are, well, 'visinonary'. But books entail more tasks for us. As Emil still cannot read (and we predict the status quo will remain until the next birthday), he will bug us to read for him. And that will not be good. Our precious personal time will be reduced. If that happens, we will certainly will not be happy and unhappy parents don't hold hands. No skin contact means no chemical reaction. No chemical reaction know what it means lah...hehehehe...that cannot happen...cannot!!! And I digress, again. Thousand apologies.

So obviously the front runner is TOYS. But that boy gets new toys every other week. So the toy must be very distinctive. Distinctive means either BIG, BRIGHT or HEAVY. And these three words, if they are combined and rearranged, will spell EXPENSIVE, hahahahahaha...

We will keep our options open.

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