Friday, October 05, 2007


Emil & I went out last night for supper with fadli & bobo. On our way home, I overheard Emil saying 'halloween, halloween' and 'trick or treat' over and over again. So I asked him what was that all about. "Emil nak celebrate Halloween la abah". Ahhh, doubt this is the result of 12 hours daily dosage of Cartoon Network, PHDC, etc.

So I said,"We Muslims don't celebrate Halloween lah, Emil. Kita celebrate Hari Raya saja."" Tapi Emil nak celebrate Halloween," was his reply. Just how do I get out of this? So I went on and on about how Allah will be angry, and if Allah angry we will be thrown in hell (to Emil Hell is where bad people got imprisoned and beaten).

So he relented, but not fully. His parting shot was, "Abah saje lah celebrate Hari Raya. Emil watch abah saje."

Allah, tak selesai jugak rupanya...

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