Friday, October 19, 2007


Dear Emil,

You are 4 today. That means it has been four years since you popped your head into this world and into our lives. I suppose you still don't get the real spirit of birthday, yet. But will get it in no time, I'm sure. But how does it feel, anyway? Hope you are excited as much as we, abah & mama, are.

You will get many present today. Already, Mimi had given you Ben 10's Stinkfly & Ultraman in advance. You know the big heavy package that I lugged around yesterday? The one that I told was for my friend? That is actually a present for you. It's wood bricks that you can arrange into a city. Hope you like it. Mama is organising a small family get together this afternoon. She ordered a cake especially for the occassion. In addition, she also bought a nice (read : expensive) shirt for you to wear this afternoon. That is how excited we are!!! A little trivia - this will be the first time your birthday falls outside bulan puasa. All your birthdays (except your birth day) before this happened during Ramadhan.

So Emil, Happy Fourth Birthday. Hope you will have many good years ahead of you. Do not be too naughty (we have many complaints now). Sayang dan doa from abah & mama.

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