Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Par Score@Staffield

16 October 2007. 18th hole, Southern Nine, Staffield Golf & Country Resort. It shall be etched in history. A milestone. A personal achievement. APPLAUSE. STANDING OVATION.

I got my first par score, par 4. Not the whole game lah. Only that particular hole. It was a dog leg hole. I teed off over over the water hazard to the right of the fairway. The second shot went to the right within the sight of the green. By the third shot, the ball was on.

I did not realise that a par score beckoned until Kandaq pointed it out to me. Crunch time. I took out the putter. I stood still to find composure. Hit it. Then the sweet sound of the ball sinking in the hole.

Eleh. Baru dapat par satu lubang, kecoh!!! Ye lah, ingat senang ke. In total, that particular hole was only the 54th hole since I started playing. Achievement what??? Suka hati akulah...janji aku happy.

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