Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yesterday started early for us. Left home at 6.45 am with everybody in tow as we had promised Emil that that he'll be spending the day in Cyberjaya. Managed to settle everything by 8.00.

Come 4.45 pm. Time to pack and go home for buka puasa in Cyberjaya. I figured there's no need to bring my work bag home - buat menambah berat je.

7.10 pm - Buka puasa.

9.00 pm - Left Cyberjaya via Putrajaya-Serdang-Sg Besi-Bdr Sri Permaisuri.

10.00 pm - Arrived safely.

Then Aily popped the question, "Kunci rumah mana?". " Ada kat dalam kotak tu", I gave an auto reply. Few seconds passed before Aily declared, "Mana??? Takde pun...".

Ahhhhhh, I came to realize that I must've left the key at the office. But that did not stop me from starting to rummage through everything and turned everything inside out under a false hope - please,please let it be there. I surrendered after a while.

After considering few options to settle the impasse, which included driving back to the office (which was not really a good idea since the office would be locked), Aily remembered that Amin still have a set of the house keys with him. So we set off to Bandar Sri Damansara to wait for Amin who had to cut short his 'dating' in Shah Alam to attend to us. All the way there, Emil kept asking where were we going.

While waiting for Amin, we had a feast of McD by the roadside at Bandar Sri Damansara - macam pelarian pun ada!!!

Reached home just after midnight. By then, everybody was on auto-pilot. 12.35, everybody collapsed.

Huhhhh, letih...

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