Sunday, November 23, 2008


Isk, isk, isk...

Ik, isk, isk...kereta aku kena langgar.

Isk, isk, isk...nasib baik tak teruk.

Isk, isk, isk...pakcik yang langgar tu janji nak bayar.

Isk, isk, isk...bila pulak nak pegi baiki tu?

Isk, isk,isk...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Aku angin betul orang yang puntung rokok dalam tandas dan lepas tu tidak di'flush'.

Why do they have to smoke in toilets in the first place? And even if they want to smoke, can't they have the courtesy to flush the ciggie butts?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Did The One-Hand Man Cross The Road

Semalam aku tengok The Amazing Race Asia. They were in India. Di satu stop tu, peserta ditugaskan buat recording satu joke oleh orang-orang yang lalu lalang kat situ.

Satu joke ni aku rasa kelakar gila:

Q: Why did the one-hand man cross the road?

A: To get to the SECONDHAND shop.

Baca dalam slang india sambil geleng2 kepala, hahahahaha.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


We came up with yet a new ingenious ploy to get Emil to behave - DEPORTATION.

Aily came up with the threat to Emil that we will  pack & ship him (& Eiddin too) to live in Indonesia with our Bibik as we can no longer tolerate his 'perangai'. I immediately whipped up an "S.D" - declaring our intention to give up both boys to our Bibik :)

Emil of course broke down in tears, pleading not to be deported - hahahah. In response, he jotted "Saya tak nak" in the S.D. 

Raising kids is surely fun!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

MigDuck Cup 2008

Am left with so little things to say.

For chronological, hour-by-hour event reporting, go to Knizam.

For the preparations, trials, sacrifices, credits, go to Noni Kapet.

For some wacky reporting of the events, go to Mpro.

For the pics, go to myflickr & kno's flickr.


What else is there to say? I am blessed - great wife, adorable kids, excellent friends, A++ 1-of-a kind in-flight entertainment, good food, the list is endless.
Am grateful for the opportunity to work with a good group of people that is the Bapak Iteks and to work for the talented bunch that is the Mighty Ducks.
Sure at times we were (are) fed up (but have to put up) with the not-so-unforeseen events at play. And am sure the success of this event is no assurance that all will be plain sailing from now onwards. Money, Time, other worldly pursuits will always be there.

But one sure thing though, we all can weather all that and more, hand in hand, literally...

To Aily - thank you.

To Emil & Eiddin - thank you.

To my family - thank you.

To my friends - thank you.


So CAMPING is next, huh??? hahahahaha

Monday, October 13, 2008

MigDuck Cup 2008

Come Nov 1st 2008, a bunch of fat, balding men will flock to Manjung for a day of sun and hockey. This year would be the second year the championship is being held. At the moment, Team Logistik is putting early touches to the pre-tournament preparations.

True to form as dysfunctional products of M-C-Gay-Gay,we are already touting the MigDuck Cup as "The Other Old Boys Weekend".
Pic by kno

More pics at my flickr

Friday, October 10, 2008


It was the night before Raya. Takbir raya was on tv.

We (myself, Aily, Azly & mummy) were having our post buka puasa conversation. And Emil was sitting alone in front of the tv.

Suddenly, we noticed that Emil was sitting stiff on the sofa and tears were streaming fast down his cheeks. Ya Allah - he's crying. But why?

Aily went immediately to Emil, hugged him and in between his sobs, tried to find out why he was crying.

The answer - "...Emil ingat kat atok, Emil nak atok balik...". The answer of course, had Aily (and myself) in tears too.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Di Ambang Wati - Wings (Live at Orange Club)

Lagu ni memang best!!!


Aku raya kelantan tahun ni. Went there immediately after Subuh on the second day of raya. The journey there took 12 hrs approx. 4 1/2 hrs just to get from Gua Musang to Kota Bharu.

Was in Kelantan (KB-Kubang Kerian-Jelawat,etc) until Sunday. Then journeyed back which took 14 hrs - the last couple of hours spent at Karak-Gombak stretch. We took the coastal route to escape the stress-inducing jam of the inland route.

...this was before they stripped down to their underwears...

So I experienced the famous Gua Musang-Kuala Krai-KB traffic snarl (was totally expected). Got to eat some good food especially nasi kerabu 'tanpa limit' at Mak Long's house in Jelawat.

All in all, the experience was ok. Could have been better. But still ok.

Am ok with the journey time - but utterly disappointed with the traffic jam in Kelantan itself. A lot of time was spent in the car. Many decisions were made based on the traffic situations. In the end, we did not get to go to as many places as we would have liked.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Eiddin, mama complained that I have not featured you sufficiently (I thought the opposite!!!) in this blog. 

Well,if the allegation is true, that happens because I am busy looking after you which has proven to be quite a terror. 

To make for your alleged 'insufficient' net presence, I decided to post some of your hari raya pics.

More pics at  my flickr

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


...a snap before going for prayers...

Emil had another first today - his first SEMBAHYANG SUNAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI. the mosque before performing the solat...

...another snap before solat...

...two thumbs up after solat...

Monday, September 29, 2008


Aku tengok filem 'Jangan Pandang Belakang' hujung minggu lepas.

Perlu diakui, ada babak-babak seram dalam filem tu menjadi terutama yang melibatkan lakonan Ruminah Sidek.

Tapi ada satu babak buat aku pecah perut.

Babak waktu Tok Imam nak halau hantu yang rasuk Ruminah Sidek.

Tok Imam : Siapa kau??? (Nada Tok Imam cukup serius. Cukup keras.)

Hantu (dalam badan Ruminah Sidek) : BAPAK KAU!!!!

Hantu Melayu memang loyar buruk.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The first day of RAYA we'll be in Seremban. Then, we are off to Kelantan until Sunday.The plan is to leave early after Subuh and to take the Cameron Highlands-Lojing-Gua Musang route.

Am looking forward to all the good food Kelantan will offer during this RAYA. Also looking forward to experience the infamous traffic crawl that Kelantan folks always talk about everytime after RAYA holiday.

Perhaps another 2,3 rounds of Nasi Kak Wok,hahaha...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This year has got to be the first time I am still working my ass off during the last week preceding raya.Damn...

Monday, September 22, 2008


Imej Ihsan Radin

Alhamdulillah, Pesta Sahur Tahun 2008 telah selamat diadakan. Seramai lebih 28 orang (30 kalau campur anak-anak ein) ahli Class of 94 dan keluarga hadir memeriahkan acara. Terima kasih kepada semua - kuchai, ezam, hairul, azrin, fadhil, chibix, aiwa, abon, syahid, badut & red, kadax, fitt, radin, ruff, mpro, fadli, fendi the gentle giant, ska, zamri, ein & wife & anak2, chamat, syam'kimball', fido, pak tuan syed asrul dan rudicop.

Penghargaan khas diberikan kepada Radin sebagai penganjur & 'cashier' kepada acara ini.

Penghargaan lain:
- Terima kasih kepada'odd couple' Ruff & Chibiok. Gandingan mereka telah berjaya menyeludup masuk pau YL berjumlah RM130 ke restoran.
- Terima kasih kepada semua yang menderma kepada tabung MigDuck. Hasil kutipan RM110 akan disalurkan ke aktiviti yang akan diadakan.
- Terima kasih kepada Kuchai yang dengan selambanya menghalau kumpulan muzik Filipinos itu supaya pergi membuat bising di meja-meja lain.

Mungkin tahun hadapan, dengan izin Allah, penganjur boleh fikirkan untuk kembali ke Hilton PJ berdasarkan beberapa komen negatif yang diberikan peserta berkenaan pemilihan Concorde KL sebagai lokasi tahun. Juga mungkin boleh fikirkan siapa yang nak jadi penganjur untuk tahun depan (aku terkesan betul dengan pernyataan malam 10 Ramadhan terakhir!!!).

Mungkin juga kita perlu pertimbangkan untuk tahun-tahun akan datang akan bantahan Tn Syed Khalid Al Juned berkenaan penggunaan kata 'pesta' untuk acara ini.

Saya ambil kesempatan ini untuK ucap SELAMAT HARI RAYA DAN MAAF ZAHIR BATIN kepada semua ahli Class of 94.

Friday, September 19, 2008


KNO, ko suka JJCM kan? Try beat this...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Way back in 1998 (or was it 1999?), when we (me, mpro & abon) 'sahur'ed in style at PJ Hilton, little did we know that we were about to start a quirky tradition for an even quirkier bunch of people.

The pull of PJ Hilton then was its RM18 keowteow goreng. Being keowteow goreng connoiseurs, we went there to have a fix. The waitress must must've smelt the cheapskates in us when she told us that we can have more than koewteow for RM35 nett. Sweet surpise!!! We decided to forgo the famed PJ Hilton keowteow goreng that night. The food was really, really great. We ate the whole lot and felt that we have bested PJ Hilton that night. We promised each other that we will come back the next year and we never looked back since. Hahaha, the cliche...

Along the years, the sahur gained momentum. From a humble gathering of 3 participants (or was it 4? Was Gabai there in the beginning? Sorry bro, tak ingat sangat la), it was attended by no less than 20 of members of Class of 94 last year. From a nameless, but not necessarily harmless, makan activity - it is now known as Pesta Sahur Tahunan (Khalid maintains his reservation about the term 'Pesta' as it lends a negative connotation to an otherwise noble event :-)).

Pesta Sahur is not just any other normal makan activity. It is more than that. It is Class of '94's version of power luncheon. The seed of SUKANTARA '08 was planted during Pesta Sahur in Yellow Town Melawati (I can't remember which year, but it was the year Mattop got a baby - he was the last to leave). Pesta Sahur is the venue for the hatching of our wicked dreams of world domination.

Pesta Sahur is also the place for us to rehash our yesteryears' follies as well as creating new ones. Who can forget the Picca's line about Kak Salmah? Or Aiwa's contention that he could have been a GE employee if only he slept more in Koleq? I am sure Mpro's Best Art Student Award for SRP 1992 will be re-debated. That and many more.

So, this year's Pesta Sahur Tahunan will be held at Concorde, KL starting on the night of 20th September. The choice of place is in adherence to the consensus that PJ Hilton foods suck. It will be a blast!!! TMP has promised that there will be a 'lucky draw' if the attendees exceed 30...

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have just finished reading this. Worth every single cent. Perhaps later for the review.


Lama dah blog ni ditinggalkan (diabaikan?) rupanya

Saya bukan dilahirkan sebagai seorang yang pandai menulis.

Ini ditambah pula dengan saya yang memang malas nak menulis.

Tambahan lagi, kisah hidup saya pun bukan menarik sangat untuk ditulis.

Tapi saya selalu fikir ada baiknya saya teruskan menulis.

Tulis tentang apa saja.

Tentang kerja, tentang rumah, tentang anak-anak, tentang apa yang saya suka - apa saja!!!

Beban juga rupanya ada blog ni.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Goodbye, Welcome

Goodbye dear friend. You have served us well...

Welcome to the family...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I don't know what really happened. It only came to my attention when Aily was almost hysterical while was washing Eiddin's mouth. I first thought it was just a cut at the lips.

It turned out that Eiddin had fell while trying to climb the stairs. The worst part was his tooth took the full force of the fall causing his recently emerging teeth to be pushed back into his gum. What horror.!!! Eiddin was crying like never before and Aily kept going on and on about "..if only, if only...". But what to do - these things happen.

As a precaution, we took the boy to the dentist last night for a consultation. The doctor can't really say for sure but according to her, in most cases, the affected tooth would die from the trauma. If that's the case, there's nothing much that can be done except to wait for the tooth to be pushed out naturally. The only thing that we have to look out for is whether the trauma affects his gum.

But so far so good. He's eating normally.

Emil Got Whacked

I whacked the boy pretty good last night.

With his uncontrollable, almost non stop running and jumping and "in through one ear and out from the other" attitude, Aily and I are really stretched at times. Reasonings just don't work with him these days. Probably he himself is testing the limits as well. Seems that Emil can't stay still at all. Not even for a full minute, except when there is something interesting on the TV. Even that is too brief to our liking. Even the novelty of coming home after full day at the office only lasts for a couple of minutes.

I really hate it when I have to resort to whacking as means to drive my messages across to the boy. And it's not a pretty sight when he pours his heart out (not to mention the tears...) after that. But at this point, that seems to be only viable option. Pray that only good will come out of this. I would not want Emil to be the product of "no rod policy" and the world gets one more spoilt kid as a result.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


It is really hard to indulge in a hobby you never had - hence the absence of regular postings in this blog. For now, let's just see at some pictures...

...ini budak sudah pandai jalan...

...the only time when all is quiet on the home front...

Saturday, June 07, 2008


We're going for to watch the movie tonite. Me, mama & emil

Tuesday, June 03, 2008




In the past couple of weeks, I have finished reading two books; one by Kassim Ahmad - an autobiography of some sort entitled "Mencari Jalan Pulang" and the other one is the second novel by Khalid Hosseini entitled "A Thousand Splendid Suns".

Just like his first novel,"A Thousand Splendid Suns" is a story set in the Afghanistan's not so distant past and the present. It tells the story of two Afghan women, Maryam and Laila who came to share a husband and more under different and difficult circumstances. Along the way, they found the meaning of true love in each other and in their children.

The book is great and refreshing. It provides insights into the lives of the Afghans and how they dealt with their difficult lives while facing the ravages of wars. The part where Laila and Maryam tried to escape from their abusive husband was particularly riveting and full of suspense.

However, IMHO, I like the first book better. But this book is still a great read.

As for the second book, it is more of a 'fact-finding' mission. I just like to know more about the man who, to my knowledge, had rocked the country big time. TWICE. The first one was about his unorthodox critical analysis of the Hang Tuah v Hang Jebat saga, and the second controversy was about his book, "Hadis : Satu Penilaian Semula", back in 1986.

In this book, the author talks about his early life,his background and his education. Most importantly, he reveals why and how he became a socialist and fell out of love with the ideology. He is frank in his telling. He mentions about the time he was labelled an atheist after he published his poem, "Sidang Roh". He still stands by his conviction that any hadis which goes against Quran must be rejected.

One thing annoying about the book is that the writer's habit of repeating himself. Maybe it his style, I don't know. It's also written in the style of old school Bahasa. And there are also the sprinkling of dialek Utara as the author comes from Kedah.

However, I have to re-read last chapters of the book as I was kind of rushing to finish reading it.

Friday, May 23, 2008


To my dearest wife,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May this year brings you happiness and joy.

To Eiddin,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Your life has only just begun. Looking forward to your small steps and your laughter.

Love always...

Monday, May 12, 2008


We went back to Sungai Petani last weekend. Went out at about 5.30 Saturday morning, we managed to reach Kak's house at Permatang Pauh at 9.30 to have our breakfast there.

The main reason for the trip up north was to pay Tok Pasir Gebu (Ayah's mother) a visit. She had a stroke and is now bedridden. Went to Mak Ngah's place and spent the whole of the afternoon there as she is the looking after Tok now.

Woke up on Sunday to a sore throat and slightly rose temperature. Aily substituted me for the driving duties between Hentian Sebelah Pongsu and RnR Sungai Perak. Reached home at 5.00 pm. The fever went from bad to worse.

Felt slightly better this morning but decided to take day off.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I, as with all other human beings, had done some stupid & silly things at some points in my life. Stupid things that I am not proud of but somehow they stuck in my mind. THIS is one of them.

Emil, Eiddin - Jangan ikut perangai buruk macam ni!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

MTB Session, 26/4/08

We didn't go to RRI. Instead Auzir brought us to Bukit Kiara.

Aduh mak, macam nak mampus!!! I was huffing and puffing all the way up. My wish did not come true. It was 80% pushing. On my way down, I fell and the bike went over and landed on me. Talk about 'senjata makan tuan', heh...

Hell, who am I kidding? So when's the next ride?

*no pics - too tired !!!

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Friday, April 25, 2008


Looking forward to tomorrow's ride at Rubber Research Institute, Sungai Buloh. Hope the place is indah khabar dan juga rupa. Also hoping that it is ride more, pushing less tomorrow.


SMS from my brother @ 10.49 am - "Dh siap..x kena yg kena xxxxx..tolak rebat zakat, so x kena bayar tax.."

Alhamdulillah, selesai. Hahahaha, senang ada adik kerja kat LHDN.

Thursday, April 24, 2008



I know you have been under tremendous stress of late. I know how you feel. I've been there too, remember? I know it's depressing. I know it's heart wrenching to see Papa now. I know that Papa means the whole world to you. I know it's scary. I know how hard you try to look Papa in the eyes and tell him that everything will be all right. I know the burden of being the eldest in the family. I know how you pity Mummy for all the troubles she's now going through. I know how hard it is to have a few laughs while Papa...



I wrote this on 21/3/08 with the intention to express my support to you and also to comfort you. You were noticeably down then and I thought you'd welcome few words of comfort. Somehow or rather, I didn't get around to finish it. Work and everything else came in between. Alas, Allah loves Papa more than we do and Allah knows best...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Am now reading this book. I bought the book as a present for myself for my 31st birthday recently. The book is written by Zoe Ferraris and set in the Saudi Arabia. I bough the book on impulse and I hope it's good.

Ed Wood of the Independent have this to say about this book :

"Zoë Ferraris's debut novel arrives in timely fashion. A look at how Saudi Arabia's Muslim mores and sharia laws affect gender relationships, wrapped up in a murder mystery, The Night of the Mi'raj is an antidote to the ever-increasing numbers of books set in Afghanistan or Iraq with war as their subject. Arriving so soon after Rowan Williams's controversial remarks about law derived from religious texts, Ferraris's book examines the results of those beliefs on people's lives.

Nayir is a Bedouin desert guide, though he is ethnically Palestinian and therefore an outsider to both Saudis and Bedouins. In love with the solitude and romance of the desert, he serves the wealthy, powerful Shrawi family and his only real friend, the eldest Shrawi son, Othman. Nayir is also a devout Muslim; he cannot glance at a woman without self-vilification and keeps himself apart from others by living alone on a boat in the marina. When Nouf ash-Shrawi, the most charismatic and wayward of the family's teenage daughters, is found dead in the desert, having apparently drowned, Othman enlists Nayir's help to investigate a crime that everyone else seems keen to brush under the rug.

The search throws Nayir together with Katya Hijazi, a forensic pathologist and Othman's fiancée, whose forthrightness and independence clash with Nayir's traditionalist views of women. The guide quickly learns too, that the Islamic law he is devoted to prohibits serious investigation of crimes against women. As Katya and Nayir discover what really happened to Nouf, they find that the people and social structures they trust hide darker realities.

Nayir is a difficult, distant man, internally torn between his natural male urges and his religious beliefs: he makes for a compelling hero. As the mystery unfolds, he almost becomes a kind of Muslim Rebus. His personal life and the crime get inextricably intertwined, his reputation put on the line. Touching details, such as buying a Columbo-style detective's coat on a sweltering day but being too shy to wear it, contrast with his displays of male arrogance and intellectual timidity.

This is not a crime novel, and Ferraris determinedly keeps Nayir away from the clichés of the genre. The figure of Katya adds something approaching a police procedural touch, but the real focus lies on the way in which her investigations are hindered by her gender. As a character, she is less compelling than Nayir, perhaps because we have seen strong, boundary-pushing women in other novels about the Middle East. But the duo's interaction is fascinating, always aided by Ferraris's use of well-drawn locations: the American Ladies of Jeddah meeting, the zoo, and most of all the desert with all its heat, danger and calm. Ferraris is also a natural storyteller, with a lightness of touch and a skill for drip-feeding clues to keep the reader turning the pages.

It bodes well for Ferraris's future that she can exploit the language of different genres while focusing on well-drawn characters who ultimately power the narrative. The Night of the Mi'raj approaches its important themes through simplicity and that, sometimes, can be a virtue."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Aily's E-mail

Below is Aily's e-mail to her friends of her feelings and her loss.


Terima kasih atas pesanan dan ingatan....alhamdulillah, walau perit rasa ditinggalkan tapi kami sekeluarga redha dengan pemergian ayahanda tercinta. Buat sahabat-sahabat yang pernah mengenali arwah, kalau ada salah dan silap mohon maafkan, makan minum mohon halalkan...baru rasanya membaca catatan Hawa mengenai pemergian ayahandanya, tak sangka sampai juga masa diri sendiri merasa.

Pada yang tertanya, arwah sebenarnya sakit, punca asal ketumbuhan dalam usus besar dan telah menjalani pembedahan membuang 8 inci usus pada bulan puasa tahun 2006. 3 minggu di hospital arwah dibenarkan pulang dan menjalani kehidupan seperti biasa selama setahun tepat, raya tahun lepas. Sempat arwah berpuasa tanpa rasa seksa yang amat (dah lama sakit/pedih perut/gastrik) , menghabiskan masa dengan aktiviti yang sangat arwah suka, memancing dan bersama keluarga. Pada masa yang sama, kami semua sudah dimaklumkan oleh doktor yang membedah arwah,hati dia sudah ada tanda-tanda kanser dan pada masa itu sudah pun stage 3. Arwah memang tak suka hospital, tgk jarum pun pucat. Mendengar hanya chemo sahaja cara nak baik, arwah pilih untuk berubat secara alternatif.

Kalau dikira, lebih kurang dalam masa 6 bulan kesihatan arwah semakin terganggu...selepas aku masuk rumah baru dalam bulan 11, arwah pun dah semakin tak bermaya, hati membengkak dan pada awal januari, water retention yang dialaminya semakin teruk, jalan pun susah sangat.

Seingat-ingatnya, arwah tak pernah mengadu sakit. Kalau dia berbunyi pun katanya rasa tak sedap, tak tau rasa apa...itulah...kadang2 rasa sihat, tapi most of the time,memang letih sangat...2 tiga hari sebelum meninggal, dia ada minta nak makan sate hati ayam..dapatlah kitaorg carikan...lepas tu dapat pulak duduk kat buai dengan mummy...arwah kata kalau rasa segar macam ni dapatla pergi rumah anak2 minggu depannya...tak sangka itu petanda..

Hari Selasa (8.4.08), mummy kata pagi2 lagi arwah kata tak sedap rasa...berpusing dia kata. Arwah boleh bangun lagi untuk buang air besar, makan minum tak mau langsung. Yang merisaukan mummy, arwah dah muntah darah pulak.SMS mummy buat aku tiga beradik balik rumah terus. Sampai2 tu nampak arwah dah tak bermaya langsung..sedihnya tengok...buka mata pun tak boleh, awah kata dia rasa macam berpusing2.

Mulai jam 3 petang sehingga lah tepat jam 4 pagi, memang mummy, aku, elly and adik non stop jaga arwah. Sekejap duduk, sekejap baring....Allah bagi peluang kami adik beradik jaga arwah buat kali terakhir secara intensif.... kalau mummy sorang2 tak tau la macam mana nak mengangkat.. .arwah kurus sangat..yett n ude. kalau biasa pun korang tgk arwah dah kurus, masa meninggal tu, dah tinggal tulang dgn kulit je.

Masa arwah menghembuskan nafas terakhir, memang kami 4 beranak sedang mengadap dia. Tenangnya arwah pergi hinggakan kami ingat dia tertidur sebab keletihan dah 24 jam tak tidor...sempat azly (adik) mengusap arwah sambil bisik kalimah syahadah di telinga. Tu lah...sampai ke akhir, arwah tak juga kata sakit. Susah mula2 nak terima dia dah tiada. walaupun bersedia tapi sekejap sangat prosesnya. Banyak pesanan arwah sebenarnya tapi ingatkan dia antara sedar tak sedar masa bercakap. paling sayu bila arwah minta izin nak baring di riba mummy...Buat masa ini, masih tak percaya papa dah tiada. Rasa macam dia pergi outstation je...tapi hati dah terima, papa dipinjamkan kepada kami tak lama, Allah lebih sayangkan dia.

Alhamdulillah, urusan jenazah dipermudahkan Allah.Melihat kepada apa yang berlaku daripada saat arwah menghembuskan nafas terakhir sehingga hari ini kami sekeluarga yakin arwah lebih berbahagia di sana. Kalau arwah masih hidup, sepupu kata arwah akan lebih teruk. Sesungguhnya baru tahu, arwah sangat kuat semangatnya. ..sekarang ni tengah menjaga hati mummy, tak nak dia rasa terlalu sepi...maklum la, tak pernah berjauhan masa mereka bersama-sama. ..

Panjang pulak emel ini. Takpe la, cuma nak berkongsi rasa. Buat sahabat semua, kalau ada yang belum meluahkan rasa kasih dan sayang, belum mohon ampun dan maaf pada ibubapa atau sesiapa sahaja, buat sekarang, jangan tangguh...bukan semua diberi peluang untuk bersama-sama hingga saat menghembuskan nafas terakhir. sekali lagi terima kasih pada semua....hawa, kiwy, yett, ude, ban, yuyu, zeid, melia dan semua, terima kasih atas kata-kata semangat yang diberikan... aku jadikan semangat untuk teruskan kehidupan...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Am currently reading this book. It's a true account of how the U.S. of A and the CIA made their way into the Afghan War and assisted the mujahideen to drive the Red Army out while inadvertently helped shaped the world as we know it today. It's an honest telling of the cloak and dagger story behind the war.

While the theme is serious, it is at times funny as hell especially when it involves the exchanges between the 2 protagonists and those who dare crossed their paths or irritated them. Also there is one funny account of the role and involvement of mules during the war and the beasts' special place among the Muj (as the mujahideens are known to the Americans).

The book also gives insight on the workings of the US government machinery and how the US dictate the world affairs during the Cold War period.

It is a good book. I have another 100+ pages to go.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Address by Raja Nazrin Shah, Regent of Perak at the Conference of Malaysian Judges on 9th APRIL 2008.

"Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Salam Sejahtera.Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Segala puji milik Allah, Tuhan semesta alam; Tuhan yang Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Adil lagi Maha Saksama, lalu menyeru supaya para hambaNya melaksanakan keadilan dan sama sekali menjauhi kezaliman. Selawat dan salam ke atas Junjungan Besar, Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam, ahli keluarga dan para sahabat Baginda, serta para ulama dan para Tabiin; semoga memperoleh ihsan di hari kebangkitan. Beta bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi kerana dengan izin dari Nya juga, Beta dapat berangkat untuk menzahirkan titah di Persidangan Hakim-Hakim Malaysia pada pagi ini. Usaha yang dirintis oleh Ketua Hakim Negara menganjurkan Persidangan ini amatlah Beta hargai.

2. We are now at a critical time in our nation’s history, one where the institutions of state – indeed, the foundations of our democracy – which we have built up since Independence, are under scrutiny. The just concluded 12th General Elections has ushered in a host of changes. Among other things, it has introduced a greater degree of contestation in policy-making, legislation and administration than many would previously have thought possible. Some of these changes may be transient. Others could well be permanent. Whatever the case, the new political realities have proven to be and will continue to be challenging. They send a clear message that we cannot continue on a course of ‘business-as-usual’.

3. It goes without saying that recent revelations of improprieties in the judiciary have been extremely damaging, not least by eroding the public’s image of, and confidence in, the system of justice in this country. We must be committed to working through our current problems and to emerge the stronger and better for them. In order to do so, we must be prepared to deal with the facts as they are, and not as we would like them to be. In this respect, it is most encouraging that YAA Dato’ Abdul Hamid has himself set the tone for us in his appointment speech in December last year. In that speech, which has been described as "a breath of fresh air", he openly addressed concerns about the impartiality of judicial decisions, the appointment and promotion of judges, and their commitment to carrying out their work. He wisely pointed out that whether or not these perceptions were founded was immaterial. The mere fact that they exist is enough to do damage and warrant firm action.

4. What makes the current low regard for the judiciary especially regrettable is that it was once greatly admired. Judgments made in our courts used to be quoted across the Commonwealth. Our judges were held in high esteem for their wise and fair rulings. The late Tun Mohamed Suffian’s views about the first thirty years of the Malaysian judiciary are well known and often quoted:"The reputation that [the Malaysian judiciary] enjoys of being able to decide without interference from the executive or the legislature, or indeed from anybody, contributes to confidence on the part of the members of the public generally, that should they get involved in any dispute with the executive or with each other, they can be sure of a fair and patient hearing and that their disputes will be determined impartially and honestly in accordance with law and justice."

5. Reputations can only be maintained if the high standards adopted are consistently adhered to. This has not always been the case. In the last two decades, judicial independence and integrity have eroded. The result is a lack of confidence in the judicial system and the complete disregard for the law by some quarters. These are dark stains on our honour and reputation and they have the potential to weaken if not destroy the nation.

6. Malaysia needs nothing short of what I would call a judicial renaissance. Without it, one of the three pillars that hold up this nation will remain in a significantly weakened state. Injustices will continue to perpetuate. Efforts at developing social cohesion and nation building will be severely compromised. A judicial renaissance is also necessary because it is one of the most important requirements for continued economic, scientific and technological progress.

7. What are the hallmarks of a judicial renaissance? I can do no better than to refer to my father, His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah, whose views on the rule of law, the supremacy of the Federal Constitution, the independence of the judiciary, and the separation of powers are well known. His Royal Highness has written extensively on these subjects and he continues to do so with conviction and passion.

8. At its nucleus is respect for the rule of law, which is a universal ideal. One of my favourite quotes puts this in proper perspective:"(The) right to be governed by laws and not by arbitrary officials is the most precious right of democracy—the right to reasonable, definite and proclaimed standards, which we as citizens can invoke against both malevolence and caprice." This quote was taken not from an English or American judge. It was not said in a context that is alien to us. It was made in 1984 by Sultan Azlan Shah, former Lord President of the Federal Court, and to an audience made up primarily of Malaysians. The citizens that His Royal Highness was referring to are Malaysians of all creeds and colours.

9. It is worth repeating that the Federal Constitution is the highest law of the land. It is not only the law to which everyone is subject but also the authority from which power comes. Every judge, Member of Parliament, Cabinet minister, Prime Minister and, indeed, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong himself, has taken a solemn oath to defend the Constitution. They are not supposed to serve the interests of a particular community alone. They are supposed to uphold the Constitution in its totality. The Constitution was specially crafted to cater to the pluralistic character of this country. This is not to say that it is a perfect document. It is not. It was forged out of the necessities of the time. Many of these, however, are still relevant today and Malaysians would do well to bear this in mind whenever they amend or interpret the Constitution.

10. Each time an administrative decision is taken that runs contrary to its provisions, the Constitution is in danger of being deemed irrelevant. This is why it is absolutely critical for judges to be sensitive to the spirit that underlies the Constitution. It bestows and protects the rights of all citizens and provides a basis for peace and harmony among them. Without it, we are in danger of heading down the path of sectarianism and victimisation. The courts must therefore be thoroughly objective and uncompromising on constitutional questions. In doing so, they are not only upholding justice but also strengthening the process of nation building and the integrity of the state.

11. Let me now turn to the second reason why we need a judicial renaissance. There is demand everywhere today for good governance. Unpacked, this means that the three pillars of government must not only be efficient but also highly responsive and accountable. Society and needs have become ever more complex. Citizens have become more educated. Borders are now more porous. Human capital and financial capital are mobile as never before. If good governance is not forthcoming in one country, then the best and brightest, and investment, will move to where it is forthcoming. The old model of large and rigid bureaucracies handing out government largesse has also become outdated. And governments can no longer just offer their citizens material wealth. The intangible benefits of development, including an absence of corruption, abuse and repression, and the protection and enlargement of individual rights and freedoms, are now equally important goods that citizens demand and which governments must deliver.

12. It would be wrong to think for one moment that Malaysians can achieve great things without a properly functioning judiciary. The most politically stable and economically successful countries are ones where the law matters a great deal and where the judiciary is highly respected. We must not be fooled into believing that to be monetarily rich, only practical expediency matters and that judicial integrity and independence do not. I say ‘monetarily rich’ and not ‘developed’ because there is a very big difference between the two. I do not believe it is possible to be developed without a highly respected judiciary.

Honourable judges:

13. The present climate presents us with an excellent opportunity to press on with much needed changes. We should not seek to just recapture past glories but must strive for greater achievements. Before we can start to soar in the skies, however, we must have a firm footing on the ground. Here, I am persuaded by the many voices that have argued that the most basic first step we must take is to ensure that judicial power is once again vested in the judiciary. The judiciary must be restored to the position that it had in the Constitution from the time of Merdeka until twenty years ago. Unless this is done, the doctrine of the separation of powers, which underscores our democracy, will remain effectively muted.

14. Until judicial power is reinvested in the judiciary – in much the same way that executive power is invested in the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Cabinet , and legislative power in Parliament – it will be difficult to convince anyone, not our citizens and not the world community, that we are a nation governed by the rule of law. Judicial review of administrative practices is an essential aspect of being a nation of laws. With the positive mindsets now in place, I am sure that the executive and legislature will continue to view the judiciary in a proper and balanced perspective. The judiciary, filled with men and women of great insight into the law will, I am confident, exercise its oversight to ensure that the exercise of power is not exceeded, that correct processes are adhered to and that outcomes are just.

15. The courts have unfettered powers to interpret the Constitution, to construe laws, and to declare any law or administrative action that is inconsistent with the Constitution to be void. We seem to have forgotten that the judiciary can be a powerful and constructive force in nation building. For laws, once enacted, are sterile unless they are properly interpreted. The courts have the responsibility for ensuring precisely this. Preserving and protecting the Constitution require judicial courage. Judges need to display the necessary courage when interpreting our supreme law, the Constitution.

16. Second, an important feature of a judicial renaissance is that only men and women of the highest integrity and intellect are elevated. The appointment of Tan Sri Malek as President of the Court of Appeal in 2004 was a step in the right direction and, as observed by the President of the Malaysian Bar Council, Ms Ambiga Sreenevasan, a "much needed shot in the arm for the judiciary". The many tributes bestowed at his untimely passing are proof of the high regard in which he was held. I know there are many men and women of integrity and intellect present here this morning who have dedicated their lives in upholding the sanctity of the law and in dispensing justice without fear or favour. Some of you have gone through difficult times. You have discharged your duties with great dignity and pride. For this I join the many others in saluting you for your dedication and commitment. You have done this nation proud. Your continued contribution and service gives great hope and impetus for the future of the judiciary.

17. Third, it may also be an opportune time to review the way judicial appointments and promotions are made. The many calls for a more transparent mechanism, one that is in line with other developed countries, should be given serious attention. There is merit in the suggestion for the establishment of a Judicial Commission that will make recommendations to the Prime Minister who, in turn, consults the Conference of Rulers. On the latter point, I am happy to note that in recent years, there has been a greater willingness on the part of the Prime Minister to consult the Conference of Rulers in a meaningful way. This is very much in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution and, I believe, leads to the building up of further confidence in the judiciary.

18. Fourth, it may also be the right time for the Federal Court to take a less restrictive approach in reviewing judicial decisions that manifestly involved miscarriage of justice. There is no denying that some decisions of the apex court in recent years have caused great concern to the legal profession, businesses and the public at large. We should not allow these decisions to remain in our annals. I am aware that the principle of finality of decisions is vital in any judicial system. Litigants are entitled to arrange their affairs in the sure knowledge that there is an end to their litigation upon decision of the final appellate court. But justice must be the overriding objective. The attainment of justice and the rectification of gross injustice is the raison d’etre of any civilised legal and judicial system. I am confident that in a judicial renaissance the proper balance between finality and justice will be maintained by His Majesty’s judges.

19. Fifth, it may also be the time to introduce mechanisms so as to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge by judges to meet the growing global challenges in specialised and new areas of the law such as Internet and Information Technology, Maritime and Arbitration, and in the more traditional subjects like Constitutional Law and Human Rights. The importance of continuing legal and judicial training cannot be over-emphasised.

20. Sixth the establishment of a commercial court with specially trained judges may be an area worth considering. As an example of how seriously this matters in today’s world, consider the case of Dubai. The civil and commercial court at the Dubai International Financial Centre has been in operation since 2004. Early this year, six new appointments of illustrious international judges were made to give it further standing and credibility. Sir Anthony Evans was selected to be the Chief Justice, alongside five others. Among them was Malaysia’s own Tan Sri Siti Norma. In addition to being the only Southeast Asian, she is also the first female judge in the United Arab Emirates. She is another clear example of Malaysia’s ability to produce judges of world-class ability and reputation.

21. Similarly, this year, the government of Qatar appointed Lord Woolf, former Chief Justice of England and Wales, as President of its Financial Centre’s civil and commercial court. At the same time, it selected another eminent Briton, William Blair QC, as Chairman of the Regulatory Tribunal. It further appointed eight other distinguished international jurists and lawyers to serve in both these institutions. Qatar’s rationale was simple: International financial and commercial organizations must be satisfied that the financial centre upholds the rule of law.

Honourable judges:

22. Jurists like yourselves are the real soul of any legal system. You are its true substance and the rest are mere decoration. We should never mistake form for substance. Some of the most tyrannical regimes have complex laws, batteries of judges and lawyers and palaces of justice, complete with grand regalia and ceremonies. These are all mere symbols meant to give a thin veneer of legitimacy to illegitimate and unjust practices. They say absolutely nothing about the substance and quality of the justice that is meted out. Laws can be made that institutionalise prejudice and biasness. Courts can make decisions that violate the very principle of natural justice.

23. Of course any problem can be ‘solved’ in the abstract. While we relentlessly pursue the ideal of justice, we must inoculate ourselves with heavy doses of realism. We must be aware that efforts to compromise legal principles and undermine judicial independence and authority are virtually universal. There is a perpetual contest between the political executive and the courts everywhere. There is constantly a threat of business interests tipping the scales of justice in their favour. Our efforts cannot therefore be partial and half-hearted. They cannot last mere months or even a handful of years. No matter how great the legal institutions we build, once we stop maintaining them, the surrounding jungle of abuse will start to reclaim them.

24. The rule of law, the independence of the judiciary, and the separation of powers are features of our judicial system that we must constantly and tirelessly struggle to uphold. Even in England, the birthplace of the law that Commonwealth countries practice, measures are still being undertaken after more than nine hundred years to improve the autonomy, competence and transparency of the judiciary. We cannot be faulted for not having a perfect legal system for no country can make that claim. We can, however, be faulted for want of trying. The judicial renaissance that is emerging must therefore not be allowed to roll back. We must constantly fuel the engines of this renaissance.

25. Change is never easy. Resistance must always be assumed. The inertia of the status quo is very strong and this is especially true when the situation is serious and the changes required are huge. There will be the ever-present temptation to undertake just incremental and cosmetic modifications. We need to recognise that these are not sufficient for the judicial revitalisation and renewal that this country needs and deserves.

26. I mentioned at the outset that as recent events continue to unfold, the degree of political contestation in this country will increase. Some will be for the better and some, where it leads to conflict, will be for the worse. Whatever the case, this is the system that we chose for ourselves five decades ago and which has proven and performed with distinction in the past. In the current environment, the opinion and decisions of men and women of reason, wisdom and balance in all spheres of life will be in even greater demand than before. This is especially true of the courts of law.

27. If the judiciary is filled with the highest calibre of men and women that this nation has to offer, not only in terms of ability but also values, there is nothing to fear. We must never fear truth, knowledge and wisdom. We should always fear their opposites. I therefore urge you to press on. May the judicial renaissance grow and flourish under your careful hands and watchful eyes.

28. Semoga Persidangan ini dapat berlangsung dalam suasana berterus-terang berlandaskan semangat mahu membina imej dan perkhidmatan kehakiman yang berintegriti tinggi, agar para hakim dan mahkamah di Negara ini mendapat kepercayaan rakyat jelata serta dihormati diperingkat antarabangsa. Wabillahi taufik walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh."


It is a very enlightening & brilliant speech by HRH. If only the suggested renaissance is taken up by the powers-that-be and all other related parties, Malaysia will indeed be heading to the right direction and be 'DEVELOPED'. I hope I will still be around when that day arrives.

I must laud HRH for his vision and I am very proud to have a royalty who's very brilliant, insightful and articulate. Let's just hope he will have the 'rezeki' to become the actual head of the executive branch of the government i.e DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong.

However, Tunku Abdul Aziz in his weekly NST column chose to highlight HRH standing in the scheme of things of our nation rather than the substance of the speech. He wrote,"As I was preparing to write this piece, I was delighted to see that Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, the Regent of Perak had waded in with his proposals for much-needed and long-neglected reform of the judiciary. Much as I admire his readiness to lend his considerable stature and influence to the debate, I cannot but feel that he, as a very senior member of a ruling family, the next in line to the ancient Perak sultanate, should busy himself with his traditional royal duties in Perak. For his own good, he should be persuaded to stay out of issues which are likely to attract political controversies that could embroil him in unnecessary public debates on the proper "constitutional" role of someone in his position."

Isn’t this what we call check and balance? Just because he’s a member of the royal family and next in line to the throne, then he’s expected to keep his opinion to himself. Should he just sit back and while away his time with the mundane role of the royalties? Why bother calling him in the first place? I beg to differ but TAA must have had his reasons.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

HJ RAMDZAN BIN CHALI (25.5.1949 - 9.4.2008)

It is with deepest regret and sorrow to record that my father-in-law, Tuan Haji Ramdzan bin Chali has passed away peacefully this morning after a short bout of liver related illness. He left behind a wife, 3 children, 2 sons in law and 3 grand children. He was 58.

"So glory to Him in Whose hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him will ye be all brought back." - Yaasin, 83.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Are we measured by exam scores?

On 14 March 2008, Ms Melissa Netto wrote in The Sun

"THE announcement of the SPM results on March 12 compels me to pen a few thoughts on this new wave sweeping our nation.

Malaysians would have read the news of the nation’s top SPM scorer, Azali Azlan, who scored a whopping 20 1As and 1 2A in the examination. His achievement by far exceeds all expectations and hopes of the Malaysian society. His 21 As is here to prove wrong all allegations against our nation that suggest that our country is experiencing a "brain drain", with recent news suggesting that many capable young Malaysians are leaving their homeland in search of better opportunities abroad.

Such results, which have been prevailing in our country these past few years, suggest to me that we live in a nation of prodigies and geniuses, that will not only attain multiple Phds in their lifetime, but will contribute towards society’s development in ways unfathomable to humankind.

As an educator, I am beginning to worry that this trend of highest number of As achieved is leaving a negative impact on current and future generations of youth.

A student of mine who received his results on the same day, confided in me of his disappointment at achieving a mere 8 As in the examination compared to his friends who apparently achieved 10 As and more. I was taken aback by this and realised that it is no longer the quality of the subjects taken that matters, rather the quantity that takes centre stage.

I only have one question, that year in year out, my father would ask me, "Where have all these prodigies disappeared to since the announcement of their results?" Have they been accepted into universities such as Yale, Harvard and Cambridge? Or perhaps they have been sent to a secluded, private institution that is set up to groom these geniuses exclusively from all around the world?

Why don’t we hear of them receiving scholarships and graduating as valedictorians of their year? Why haven’t these top universities of the world recognised their astounding achievements and offer them an opportunity to change the world, one Phd at a time?

What kind of a message are we trying to send to the younger generations? Time and time again we have reminded each other, that it is not the As that matter, but how instead our children are able to live and serve Malaysia as responsible and caring citizens.

What has since happened to that school of thought? Children are no longer identified by their age, rather than what standard or form they are in and how many As achieved in exams. If you find this not a worrying trend, then obviously you have lived your life knowing that As get you far in life and not human survival skills.

With that, allow me to congratulate all SPM candidates who received results that were astounding and excellent in their own right. You know who you are and what you got! Be proud of yourself and know that you will in turn be an invaluable asset to this country in years to come."

On 15 March 2006, I wrote in this blog :

Intelligence Inflation - Rasanya la, if I were to throw a stone at a crowd somewhere, there's 99.99% guarantee that it will hit a student who got straight As in his SPM.

Compared to the time when getting 10A1 will entitle you to an exclusive coverage in all of the major newspapers, getting all As in SPM seems to be the norm these days.

So, intelligence is in abundance these days. Were we not very clever back then or kids nowadays are just getting better & better?

A note of caution : won't this lead to inflation of straight As students in the country?

Ms Melissa, we share the same concern.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Alahai, lamanya tak update.

Anyway,the bike's fixed already. Few tasks settled. Alhamdulillah.

Had a paid vacation up north last week.

The boys are not that well, health wise that is. My wife is also not that well.

Emil is now in the habit of checking my whereabouts every 10 minutes or so.

What I'm feeling at the moment? Does it matter?

Looking ahead for the end of the day.

I was talking to my wife last night.

All in all, we realise that we only have more or less 4 waking hours every working day to spend time with the kids. As we are working 5 days a week, that sums up to 20 hours. In addition, let's say we put in 12 hours per day on weekends to be with the kids (this estimate is on the high side which probably isn't that accurate). That will be 24 hours on Saturday & Sunday. That brings to a grand total of 44 hours per week. A year has 52 weeks. 52 x 44 hrs = 2288 hours. Divide it by 24 equals to 95.3 days per year.

95.3 DAYS OUT OF 365 DAYS??? 26%. Ini dah kira fail. Failed miserably. Pathetic!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is the thing that needs to be replaced. Am still contemplating...

Monday, February 25, 2008


This the Ultraman in his human persona. He is believed to be staying in the Kajang-Bangi area together with his parents. His parents are real human though. He is still schooling at a school 2 rows away from his house. He goes to school by van. It is also believed that he uses his human father as his training partner for his daily Ultraman lessons. Refusal by the father will be dealt swiftly either by kickings, screaming or worst of all, crying!!!

Among the Ultraman's superpowers include the ability to run in super fast mode.

It is also reported that the Ultraman has a little brother who is watching closely and absorbing the Ultraman's every steps. For the moment, the little brother's abilities are limited to deafening shouts and crawling a la ulat beluncas.
For the benefit of Mankind (...especially their parents), let's just hope that the Ultraman & his little brother will not join forces anytime in the future or anytime at all.

p/s : The Ultraman now berjemaah with his father for Maghrib - Ultraman Islam!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Musings

It's quarter to 6. Am still at the office. Bored.

Thanks Abon for the "sepersalinan" for Eiddin. Untuk abah Eiddin takde? Usually, Abon's answer to this kind of question is, "...pundekkk...". All the best and good luck for the impending arrival of your 3rd child. Your mom said it's a girl. Alhamdulillah.

Aily just text me - Papa's not getting any better. Will have to pack and head off to Seremban immediately after Maghrib. Hang in there, yang, OK? We'll do anything that we can, OK?

The bicycle is still in state of disrepair. Nak repair - mahal jugak; jauh pulak tu. Terbengkalai lagilah nampaknya.

The car's central locking & power window also need to be repaired. Argghhhhh...

I (we) need a holiday...

@Prep School 1990

Monday, February 18, 2008


Ada nampak? Kalau tak nampak, tandanya nak mampus... :-)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Syukur Alhamdulillah.

The Abang goes to school now.

The Adik is just starting to crawl.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


AND so it ended.

A nonsensical event, conceived more than 1 1/2 years ago, ended quietly on a sombre Sunday morning, on the 3rd of February 2008.

I wouldn't go into the history if the Reunion. That's Noni Kapet's job. I also would not do a pictorial reporting of the event a la KNO as that would be redundant.

It was hell of an event. Short and sweet. It was at least 24 hrs of madness, laughs and merry making among those who came. For the early birds who arrived as early as Friday noon, the fun began earlier.

I must admit that I was apprehensive in the beginning. Who wouldn't? To get people to come and sit for a reunion dinner is one thing. But to get a bunch of 30-31 year olds to REALLY RUN and ridicule themselves in the process is a different ballgame altogether. Yes, we are crazy. But this was something never heard of before.

But all that evaporated when I saw everybody lined up sportingly for the first event of the day i.e the 800m. The eager faces of the 'athletes' who were way past their shelf-life put paid to the efforts put in by the committee. It must be put on record that Sulaiman House WON the 8x100m sprint event - I was the anchor i.e the last runner!!! (But the the team built up considerable lead before Faz, the 7th runner handed me the baton. I was merely tying up what was obvious, hahahahaha). Mattop, well done for the successful track & field event.

Also, I was amazed that everybody sportingly chipped some efforts in one way or another in the getting up the whole thing. Ska, La'ba, Sharap & Zamri (Ska's friend) immediately dived into the task of setting up the PA system the night we arrived. The next day, Hairul & Sharap, immediately took up the brooms and swept the length dan breadth of the Dewan Merdeka upon seeing how dirty it was. The rest who arrived before the actual event started had also lent a hand.

The dinner was fine. The food was good. The opening gambit that was the montage for the ST08 had everyone in awe. The slideshows were superb. Kudos to AWIE for a job excellently executed. That night, I kept repeating to everyone that Awie is a genius and nobody objected.

The 17th Session @ Kuala was also held led by Syeikh Ezrin on Sunday after the Subuh prayers.

Thank you to those who came. I take comfort in all of the happy faces I saw last weekend.You all certainly increased my life expectancy to a few years more.

To Ruff, Mpro, Ezam, Radin, KNO, La'Ba, Awie, Ska, Zamri, Mattop, Badut - It was nice working with you guys.

To Radin - I am really sorry that you missed the track & field event. But the t-shirts & the sticker are nice.

To Monger - Sorry for the mix-up.

To MY DEAREST WIFE - Thank you for the understanding. I know you have put up so much & I will try to keep my promise. Happy 5th Anniversary (I will put up another posting on this).

Wednesday, January 09, 2008