Tuesday, February 05, 2008


AND so it ended.

A nonsensical event, conceived more than 1 1/2 years ago, ended quietly on a sombre Sunday morning, on the 3rd of February 2008.

I wouldn't go into the history if the Reunion. That's Noni Kapet's job. I also would not do a pictorial reporting of the event a la KNO as that would be redundant.

It was hell of an event. Short and sweet. It was at least 24 hrs of madness, laughs and merry making among those who came. For the early birds who arrived as early as Friday noon, the fun began earlier.

I must admit that I was apprehensive in the beginning. Who wouldn't? To get people to come and sit for a reunion dinner is one thing. But to get a bunch of 30-31 year olds to REALLY RUN and ridicule themselves in the process is a different ballgame altogether. Yes, we are crazy. But this was something never heard of before.

But all that evaporated when I saw everybody lined up sportingly for the first event of the day i.e the 800m. The eager faces of the 'athletes' who were way past their shelf-life put paid to the efforts put in by the committee. It must be put on record that Sulaiman House WON the 8x100m sprint event - I was the anchor i.e the last runner!!! (But the the team built up considerable lead before Faz, the 7th runner handed me the baton. I was merely tying up what was obvious, hahahahaha). Mattop, well done for the successful track & field event.

Also, I was amazed that everybody sportingly chipped some efforts in one way or another in the getting up the whole thing. Ska, La'ba, Sharap & Zamri (Ska's friend) immediately dived into the task of setting up the PA system the night we arrived. The next day, Hairul & Sharap, immediately took up the brooms and swept the length dan breadth of the Dewan Merdeka upon seeing how dirty it was. The rest who arrived before the actual event started had also lent a hand.

The dinner was fine. The food was good. The opening gambit that was the montage for the ST08 had everyone in awe. The slideshows were superb. Kudos to AWIE for a job excellently executed. That night, I kept repeating to everyone that Awie is a genius and nobody objected.

The 17th Session @ Kuala was also held led by Syeikh Ezrin on Sunday after the Subuh prayers.

Thank you to those who came. I take comfort in all of the happy faces I saw last weekend.You all certainly increased my life expectancy to a few years more.

To Ruff, Mpro, Ezam, Radin, KNO, La'Ba, Awie, Ska, Zamri, Mattop, Badut - It was nice working with you guys.

To Radin - I am really sorry that you missed the track & field event. But the t-shirts & the sticker are nice.

To Monger - Sorry for the mix-up.

To MY DEAREST WIFE - Thank you for the understanding. I know you have put up so much & I will try to keep my promise. Happy 5th Anniversary (I will put up another posting on this).


Mpro said...

Jangan janji tinggsl jsnji Epit...

gaban said...

post sukantera - kena la bawak wife masing2 ye
mungkin ade AGM MCOBAnita hahaha

abah said...

kali ni janji betul2 kot...

bola2api said...

wife kena ikut ker?? wife got acara sukan-sukan tak? ker jadi cheerleader je?

cheerleader kalu, tamau la ikut :P

abah said...

kalau wife ada acara sukan, dah tentu-tentu ko yang menang...silap2dengan kitorang pun ko balun sekali...