Monday, February 25, 2008


This the Ultraman in his human persona. He is believed to be staying in the Kajang-Bangi area together with his parents. His parents are real human though. He is still schooling at a school 2 rows away from his house. He goes to school by van. It is also believed that he uses his human father as his training partner for his daily Ultraman lessons. Refusal by the father will be dealt swiftly either by kickings, screaming or worst of all, crying!!!

Among the Ultraman's superpowers include the ability to run in super fast mode.

It is also reported that the Ultraman has a little brother who is watching closely and absorbing the Ultraman's every steps. For the moment, the little brother's abilities are limited to deafening shouts and crawling a la ulat beluncas.
For the benefit of Mankind (...especially their parents), let's just hope that the Ultraman & his little brother will not join forces anytime in the future or anytime at all.

p/s : The Ultraman now berjemaah with his father for Maghrib - Ultraman Islam!!!


Noni Kapet said...

ni ultraman umno, bukan ultraman islam.

maghrib berjemaah konon, dpat mic masa karaoke tak nak bg kat orng lain.

e27 said...

ultraman umno banyak duit - muahahahaha...

anak aku dah nak jadi penyanyi - bersungguh-sungguh sekali dia. How meh?