Monday, May 12, 2008


We went back to Sungai Petani last weekend. Went out at about 5.30 Saturday morning, we managed to reach Kak's house at Permatang Pauh at 9.30 to have our breakfast there.

The main reason for the trip up north was to pay Tok Pasir Gebu (Ayah's mother) a visit. She had a stroke and is now bedridden. Went to Mak Ngah's place and spent the whole of the afternoon there as she is the looking after Tok now.

Woke up on Sunday to a sore throat and slightly rose temperature. Aily substituted me for the driving duties between Hentian Sebelah Pongsu and RnR Sungai Perak. Reached home at 5.00 pm. The fever went from bad to worse.

Felt slightly better this morning but decided to take day off.

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