Thursday, November 06, 2008

MigDuck Cup 2008

Am left with so little things to say.

For chronological, hour-by-hour event reporting, go to Knizam.

For the preparations, trials, sacrifices, credits, go to Noni Kapet.

For some wacky reporting of the events, go to Mpro.

For the pics, go to myflickr & kno's flickr.


What else is there to say? I am blessed - great wife, adorable kids, excellent friends, A++ 1-of-a kind in-flight entertainment, good food, the list is endless.
Am grateful for the opportunity to work with a good group of people that is the Bapak Iteks and to work for the talented bunch that is the Mighty Ducks.
Sure at times we were (are) fed up (but have to put up) with the not-so-unforeseen events at play. And am sure the success of this event is no assurance that all will be plain sailing from now onwards. Money, Time, other worldly pursuits will always be there.

But one sure thing though, we all can weather all that and more, hand in hand, literally...

To Aily - thank you.

To Emil & Eiddin - thank you.

To my family - thank you.

To my friends - thank you.


So CAMPING is next, huh??? hahahahaha


Noni Kapet said...

ha ha start thinking what to do - tp jgn extreme sngt, clear ngn kitorang dulu nnt aku kena menjawab.

but i like the api punya idea. he he

(the debaters' and MigDuck's camping is the only thing that keeps me going and look forward to for the next 2 months. sad betul. no wonder love life tak ke mana. ha ha)

Mpro said...

Yehaaaaa... camping pulak lepas ni... tak sabar rasanya...

epit said...


aku sungguh suka dengan semangat2 seperti ini.


idea api apa???