Monday, May 18, 2009


My social calendar for weekends for the next 1 month is already cramped.

This coming weekend, 23 May will be the double celebration of Aily's & Eiddin's birthdays. We are still undecided on how we are going to spend the day or the weekends. Aily would like to have a garden celebration i.e. picnic at some park nearby while at the same time letting the boys loose. My in laws are thinking of steamboat dinner at Amy Search's Cheng Ho. We'll see how it goes.

The weekend after, 30-31 May, will be the day my younger brother is getting married. The wedding on the bride's side will be held in Seremban and the whole of Sungai Petani is coming over. We have booked apartments, the Spanish Villas for the rombongan to stay over. The akad nikah will be on Saturday night and the reception will be the next day.

The following weekend, 5-6 June, will be the reception on our part in Sungai Petani. Hopefully all the preparation are OK. Ayah & Mak will do their best. That much I know.

And that brings me to the next weekend i.e. 13 June. So far, I have committed myself to a golf tournament between MC & RMC to be held at Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club. There is another alternative but I dare not tell yet.

There it goes. My weekends' movements for the next 1 month.

Waahhh, so busy one - ini belum lagi jadi wakil rakyat ni. Hopefully can tahan la...

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