Saturday, May 23, 2009


My Dear Aily,

Happy birthday.

I have been raking my brain, trying to come up with the best and nice things to say on this special day. Alas, nothing comes to mind. But it is a special day today. And since you are special to me, today is a special day to me, too. So have a very happy birthday. Smile more. Laugh more. Make a wish. Make a very special wish. And NOW, please include me in your wish...HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Love, hugs & kisses Y

Your husband.

Our Dear Eiddin,

Goodness!!! Are you really 2? Yeah, you should be 2. No doubt. The mischiefs, the tantrums, the appetite, the energy, all the vital signs point out that you are 2. Happy birthday. Have fun.

Don't be so GARANG. Have more patient with Abang, he just loves teasing you. Maybe that's the only way that he knows how to show his love to you. Please share your things with him. People say sharing is caring. Please don't be too shy when we are with our neighbours or our friends. Shy OK, too shy not OK. Don't eat too much, please or else Mama & Abah will have to get you running everyday. Go easy on the sambal - your tender stomach might not be able to take much. Be careful on the stairs, and until you are 4, please assume the cat position we taught you to climb them. Please don't goncang the grill vigorously when we come home from work everyday, lest the neighbours might think that we lock you up whole day long while we are away at work. Thank you for not throwing things when you are angry anymore. You have grown up probably. Do not watch the TV too close. You come from the family with a history of bad eyesight so your chances of ruining your sight are probably higher. Please stop waking up at nights for milk anymore. It's been a while since we last had our uninterrupted sleep. Regarding karate, we know you have been practising your karate very hard but you are still too young. Anyway, we will review our decision on your next birthday. Meanwhile, keep on practising. Your punches, kicks and concentration are really good for kids your age. Go easy on the t-shirt with the train picture on it - the one you called Thomas, remember? The train is not really Thomas and you cannot wear the same t-shirt over and over again. It's good now that you follow me performing the prayers. But just to let you know, you can use prayer mats other than the blue one.

Some other things. Not all black cars are Mimi's cars. Books are for you to read, not to be stepped on. And no, you cannot follow us to work.

We guess that is all. For now at least. Have a good life, boy. We know you are stuck with us, hahaha. There are thing you can choose but parents is certainly not one of them.

Love, hugs & kisses Y


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