Saturday, June 27, 2009


Promo untuk MCOBA FUTSAL 2009 untuk Class of 94. Pujian kepada hasil usaha knizam. Seperti kata Joe Screwdriver, aku pun tiada dalam ini gambar. Tapi Abon ada dalam ini gambar.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


4 days to go...

I am gearing up for the tournament. Well, sort of. Went out to buy a pair of shoes specially for it. It is the new generation Bata Badminton Master. Its tagline is now 'Respect The Retrospect'.

Ayah used to buy them for me for school. Back then, the price was just RM10, give and take few cents. Now, I had to fork out RM30 for a pair.

Monday, June 22, 2009


5 days to go...

I sent the following sms to all players this morning to remind them of the proper footwear for the tournament:

"Guys, mcm mana kesihatan semua pagi ni?make sure sihat untuk
beraksi hujung minggu ni.pls be informed that futsal court kat sunway
guna surface yang licin tu yg warna biru tu, ala court badminton. so minta
bersedia dgn kasut yg sesuai.kasut turf memang tak sesuai. harap maklum."

Saturday, June 20, 2009


One of many Malaysian folk songs that I enjoy listening to from time to time. It is a very nice song.

Friday, June 19, 2009


After some anxious moments, Toy has finally decided that it is best to avail himself for the tournament. So we are back to where we started. The earlier line up stays and now we have to really contemplate our apparent deficiency in the goalkeeping department.

The lone striker striker strategy stays. Further discussion on the deployment of a second striker to support Abon is in progress and as of now, we are planning to put Mpro in that position. But Mpro might object to this as he feels that his best position is on the left wing - but then that is what he thinks lah, of course.


There is a slight shake-up in the team line up.

Toy has just informed that he's away on a official government assignment on that weekend. To fill the void left by Toy's departure, the Supreme Manager of Class of 94 Futsal Contingent, Ezam has assigned an equal, if not better, player to play with my team. The player is Ahmad Hidayat. I believe with the inclusion of Dayat in the team, we have already settled the throbbing headache in the goalkeeping tournament.

As of now, until a better strategy is concocted, we will be putting up a lone striker to poach goal for us. And he is none other than, Abon.

Viva, Team GK 94.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Aily will be going down south to give a lecture. To Larkin to be exact. And she's taking the kids. Pity that I can't tag along this time around. It will be a perfect opportunity for a family holiday after being floored with flu recently. She's leaving this afternoon and will only be back Saturday.

I already filled up the tank. Am not sure what's the balance on the T n G card, though.

Safe journey. Drive carefully. Have fun.


I am in for another 'adventure'. You see, when you are 30 something year old living a laidback, sedentary life, in a self-proclaimed 'suburban' area, even a trip to the shopping mall on the weekend is an adventure.

Well, this time around, the adventure is a physical one. Together with few friends, we have decided to enter the MCOBA Futsal Tourney as Class of 94's third team. I bet this is the first time a batch will be sending three teams to compete as in this age and time, putting up even one team from the batch is an arduous task.

For the past couple of years, Class of 94 had been sending two teams categorized from the physical appearance of the players, hence Team Kurus (K) & Team Gemuk (G). Since we now have a third team, and both physical categories are represented in this team, we decided to call the team 'Team GK94'. Talk about subtlety. Anyway, team GK94 will be competing in the Veteran Category to have better shot at winning the Championship, hahaha...

So, without further adue, I would like to present TEAM GK94 which will make its debut this 28th June 2009 at Sunway Sports Planet.

1. Epit;
2. Mpro;
3. Toy;
4. Cop;
5. Abon;
6. Kandaq;
7. Badut; and
8. Aszua.

Let's go all the way, muahahahah. We have not decided when to train. But that should not be a problem. 5 years of living together should be ample enough to create on-field understanding.