Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am in for another 'adventure'. You see, when you are 30 something year old living a laidback, sedentary life, in a self-proclaimed 'suburban' area, even a trip to the shopping mall on the weekend is an adventure.

Well, this time around, the adventure is a physical one. Together with few friends, we have decided to enter the MCOBA Futsal Tourney as Class of 94's third team. I bet this is the first time a batch will be sending three teams to compete as in this age and time, putting up even one team from the batch is an arduous task.

For the past couple of years, Class of 94 had been sending two teams categorized from the physical appearance of the players, hence Team Kurus (K) & Team Gemuk (G). Since we now have a third team, and both physical categories are represented in this team, we decided to call the team 'Team GK94'. Talk about subtlety. Anyway, team GK94 will be competing in the Veteran Category to have better shot at winning the Championship, hahaha...

So, without further adue, I would like to present TEAM GK94 which will make its debut this 28th June 2009 at Sunway Sports Planet.

1. Epit;
2. Mpro;
3. Toy;
4. Cop;
5. Abon;
6. Kandaq;
7. Badut; and
8. Aszua.

Let's go all the way, muahahahah. We have not decided when to train. But that should not be a problem. 5 years of living together should be ample enough to create on-field understanding.

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