Thursday, October 15, 2009


If you happen to meet this guy in the streets or anywhere for that matter, you might need to add few words to your existing vocabulary so that you can have a meaningful conversation with him. For ease of reference, I put down here some of the words together with their meanings:

1. manbob pen-pen ==> Spongebob Squarepants;

2. min min ==> vitamin;

3. chi-gep ==> kunci gate;

4. leh tak ==> boleh tak?;

5. amot ==> remote;

6. aalat ==> solat;

7. lagu hai-yap ==> lagu ‘You Raise Me Up’;

8. lagu sad ==> Auld Lang Syne;

9. ater pan ==> Peter Pan;

I will update the word bank regularly.


ayu said...

wow...epit, 2 back to back postings after a verryyy long hiatus....i'm impressed!

epit said...

hahaha, kerja seni ni tak boleh paksa-paksa. kena right timing, right mood, everything must be right...