Monday, November 30, 2009


Whatever happened to the year's resolution to update the blog more regularly? Heck, I am not even near to the total number of last year's postings. Not even half. So much for a resolution.

But the year's not ending yet. I still have approximately 31 and a half days to log in postings. Still got time. Why worry?

And this shall count as one posting, hahaha...

I shall post something before the end of day.

Until then.


KNizam said...

eh ada update lagi la. hehe
susah2 ko pakai live blogging adjer.
aku pun dah makin malas nak buat actual posting. live blog from e71 or n97 lagi senang. hehe

abah said...

mestilah...ada KPI nak kena capai ni....hahaha...