Sunday, December 06, 2009


It's been a year Emil wearing glasses. Yesterday, we took him for his annual check up with the eye specialist in Kajang.

The result? His 'powers' increased another hundred and now they stand at 525 for both eyes. Pretty high, huh?

The glasses he's wearing at the moment will not be adequate, which means we will have to 'pay' the optician (pun intended) another visit.


joe said...

lasik je lah

epit said...

kecik lagi tak boleh kot.

nanti aku tanya tengok.

Mpro said...

bapak pun tak

epit said...

bapak tak payah lasik dah.

membazir je kalau buat pun.

joe said...

bukan tak payah sebab membazir. bini risau nanti kalau bapak lasik.

epit said...

takkan aku pun tak boleh percaya???

aku mana berani.