Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I was busy the whole of last week minding delegates from a South Asian country and a recovering island country not far from ours.

My team and I, we tried to give our best as anything less would not be good for the image of the department. Indeed, the whole affair was very tiring while the usual office grind had to go on too.

But it was all worth it when you get a thank you note like this.

My Dear Mr. XXXX,


Back in Pakistan and business as usual, still I cherish the sweet memories of the days spent there in your country, enjoying your warm hospitality and experiencing the pleasant and enriching study tour. Looking back I simply don’t know on what specific account I should especially express my gratitude. The whole trip, the whole program was spotlessly marvelous in the true sense of the word.

Meticulously planned and executed in an efficient way, the entire agenda of the trip afforded us an abundant opportunity to see and learn. The findings and observations I gathered there are appropriate to our country and truly worth emulating to improve ours.

Whatever observation I made there has left a relishing impression on my mind, especially the well planned town systems offering public service and squeaky clean streets and thoroughfares. The other most remarkable feature is the God given bounty of natural beauty, simply breath taking which makes me wonder how different would the paradise be, God knows better. What could I only say if William Words Worth, poet of the nature should ever arise in Malaysia, he would never run short of themes.

Thanks and regards to all who made this trip a wonderful experience.



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KNizam said...

south asia ?
no wonder ko x dtg majlis sambutan kepulangan yengkoz chapter south asia. hehe :)