Saturday, January 23, 2010


Went for breakfast at Kampung Baru with the usual suspects this morning. There was no karipap at Mak Wanjor so the breakfast session cannot be said Sesi Mengaripap. 

Ezam, Mpro & Chib arrived the earliest. I came with Eiddin soon after. Mattop came in dressed up as Adnan Sempit. Screwboy came with his little Screws complete with the Screwdriver, hahahah...and Ruff made a grand entrance with Iyra. Chamat did not turn up, probably taking an extended weekend nap.

There were few things up for discussion - the oil price, Maria Ozawa, the Yengkoz Year Long Celebration & MigDuck activities.

Me & Mpro had to leave early. Mpro had to work & I had to run some errands before leaving tonight. By the time we left, the discussion was on how much we are going to charge for Makan-makan @ Chamat's place. But it is more or less settled that it will be held on 27/2.


I am off to Japan until end of the month. No, not to see Maria, in case you are wondering. It's purely business :). Maybe next time.

I am there for a study visit representing my office. The programme will stretch from Monday until Friday.

Aily is also coming with me (another reason not to see Miyabi) on this trip.

Let's hope it will be a good trip.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Emil had his first accident riding his bicycle the day before yesterday. It was quite a nasty one as he dove head first into the ground. The right cheek and shoulder scraped the tarred road resulting in a very, very noticeable badge of honour.

Did he cry? Yes, of course. Loud enough for the whole area to hear.

He was racing down the road in front of the house with another friend. I was watching from a distance when I noticed that the bike went wobbly. Few wobbles to the left and right, the next thing I saw was his feet going up in the air.

Fortunately, nothing happened to the glasses. The bicycle was not that lucky as the handle was not where it was supposed to be anymore. But the mechanic should be able to fix it.

Turned out that he also cycled in the morning against my clear instruction no to do so. So I quickly spinned the accident as Allah's punishment for being disobedient :).

Strangely enough, I was more proud than worried by this. Mestilah, jatuh basikal baru la anak jantan!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


OFF THE EDGE (OTE), January 2010 issue runs a nice story about 4 non-malay teachers who spent a great deal of their time teaching the students of MCKK. The article was first published in OTE, July 2005. The editor must have been bitten by the 1Malaysia bug to have this article re-issued.

It was a good article, though it may appeal only to a certain section of the population. But a careful reading will reveal one of the more important blocks of nation-building, but sadly the one that is often forgotten.

Entitled 'FOUR WISE MEN', it chronicled their experiences and their thoughts on MCKK and those who mattered i.e . the boys. The night activities were also discussed albeit encoded.

One of the the teacher interviewed touched on the exposures Budak Koleq used to get. I quote, "These boys [used to] mix with all sorts. This is the thing that makes them learn, it's the exposure, it's what makes them leaders of the country." (Mr. Chin Lim Sen)

When asked about what prompted them to go beyond the call of duty, the teacher replied, "First as a teacher, if you look at the children, they are all the same regardless of the colour of the skin...I treated them like my own children."

One of the teacher opined that teachers are important for nation-building "...So they need the right people at the education department there." [read : right teachers for Koleq]. The four teachers, at some point or another, had turned down offers for promotions just to stay and serve Koleq longer.

Go on. Get your copy. I will not give mine.

Noni Kapet also wrote something on the teachers of M.C.K.K.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I had an attack of sopak garam, or hives last week. The last time I had it was in 2006. This time, a visit to the doctor and a jab took care of it.

I just knew that thing is known as hives, thanks to Joe a.k.a Screwboy. It is also known as gegata and urticaria. Boboe pointed out that  it is believed hives is caused by one being sprayed by the vampires.

Interestingly, a Google search led to a revelation that apart from allergies, stress is also a common cause of hives. See here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Caya lah...

Mpro dah update
blog !!! Syabas Inspector Sahab...

Ada impak juga desakan aku rupanya, walaupun Mpro menggelarkan aku suara-suara sumbang.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Weeiii mpro, pyan & radin...

Update la blog tu.Jangan malasss. Karang celebrity blogger KNO sound secara live daripada Islamabad, Pakistan, susah.

Kalau tak, campak je ke laut...hahahah

Tak pun, korang naik Overfloor - lepas tu terjun.


Aduhh...sakit kepalaku!!!
Eddin had a nasty bump last night, courtesy of closer than close contact with wall of our house at a speed that warrants a speeding ticket : ).

Saturday, January 09, 2010



I...ran...3.5 km...

...Am tired...

Monday, January 04, 2010


Is it really Tom Cruise?

It is Tom Cruise.

Aku sorang je tak tau Les Grossman dalam Tropic Thunder tu Tom Cruise rupanya. Ye lah, cerita tahun 2008, hujung tahun 2009 baru tengok.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


After training intensively for 2 days, Emil came out tops when he's now able ride on 2 wheels. It was frustrating at the beginning as Emil was not that keen on the prospect of his knees scraping the tarmac. We have to goad, coax, butter him up and almost literally dragged him out of the house to get him astride his bicycle. After nth tries, Emil managed to do it, much to our relief!!! It was difficult teaching someone who has answers to everything you say.

Friday, January 01, 2010


This is the time of the year when I am supposed to look back and reflect of things done, not done or undone in the past year(s) of my life. It is not a particularly nice activity really, as I haven't had much to reflect upon, hahaha... I have no life.

I am a junior civil servant work-wise. I still get scoldings from my bosses. I am earning a so-so salary. I only have a bachelor degree to my name, I sometime miss my prayers, I have 2 sons who most times refuse to listen to me. I don't have that much in the bank. And my golf is worst at best.

But then, one only needs to look harder to know that one is living a blessed life. Indeed, I am living a good life. I have passed few hurdles. I have a steady job. Good health. Money to spend. I have books to read. I have a lovely wife. I have a family. I have parents to call. I can still run (though I am not running as much as I'd like too these days). And I am thankful.

One shall only use one's own yardstick to measure one's life and not by others. Of course, there are many others who are earning more, those who have travelled more, those who have bigger and flashier cars, those who pray more (but not necessarily more pious, hehehe), those who have studied more. To each their own.

I have yet to draw up this year's resolution. Will do it during this weekend break. So far I have not train my sight on any particular goals, but of course the usual stuffs - be a better husband, be a better father, be a better worker, be a better servant to HIM - will be there, hahaha...but I am not taking "#5.Get a touring bike." off this year's list. Sure it is not happening this year, but at least, I will not forget, hahahaha...

For now, let's try to make 2010 a better year for me and for those dear to me.


Dear All,

Happy New Year 2010.
May this will be a better year than the last.