Friday, January 22, 2010


Emil had his first accident riding his bicycle the day before yesterday. It was quite a nasty one as he dove head first into the ground. The right cheek and shoulder scraped the tarred road resulting in a very, very noticeable badge of honour.

Did he cry? Yes, of course. Loud enough for the whole area to hear.

He was racing down the road in front of the house with another friend. I was watching from a distance when I noticed that the bike went wobbly. Few wobbles to the left and right, the next thing I saw was his feet going up in the air.

Fortunately, nothing happened to the glasses. The bicycle was not that lucky as the handle was not where it was supposed to be anymore. But the mechanic should be able to fix it.

Turned out that he also cycled in the morning against my clear instruction no to do so. So I quickly spinned the accident as Allah's punishment for being disobedient :).

Strangely enough, I was more proud than worried by this. Mestilah, jatuh basikal baru la anak jantan!!!


joe said...

ko dah jadi DJ, spinning stuff sekarang eh

e-commerce said...

aku dulu ade 5 basikal, hehehe...jahanam asyik nak tiru gaya BMX! emil, cayalah!

epit said...


biasa la.

nak suruh anak-anak jadi baik.


Perghhh...5 basikal!!!beli la satu baru.boleh kayuh dengan aku.