Saturday, January 23, 2010


Went for breakfast at Kampung Baru with the usual suspects this morning. There was no karipap at Mak Wanjor so the breakfast session cannot be said Sesi Mengaripap. 

Ezam, Mpro & Chib arrived the earliest. I came with Eiddin soon after. Mattop came in dressed up as Adnan Sempit. Screwboy came with his little Screws complete with the Screwdriver, hahahah...and Ruff made a grand entrance with Iyra. Chamat did not turn up, probably taking an extended weekend nap.

There were few things up for discussion - the oil price, Maria Ozawa, the Yengkoz Year Long Celebration & MigDuck activities.

Me & Mpro had to leave early. Mpro had to work & I had to run some errands before leaving tonight. By the time we left, the discussion was on how much we are going to charge for Makan-makan @ Chamat's place. But it is more or less settled that it will be held on 27/2.


joe said...

apsal nampak sipi2 je gambar tetamu terhormat? eh terhormat ke kehormat?

e-commerce said...

kehormat enche joe..

epit said...

"tetamu yang dihormati"