Tuesday, January 19, 2010


OFF THE EDGE (OTE), January 2010 issue runs a nice story about 4 non-malay teachers who spent a great deal of their time teaching the students of MCKK. The article was first published in OTE, July 2005. The editor must have been bitten by the 1Malaysia bug to have this article re-issued.

It was a good article, though it may appeal only to a certain section of the population. But a careful reading will reveal one of the more important blocks of nation-building, but sadly the one that is often forgotten.

Entitled 'FOUR WISE MEN', it chronicled their experiences and their thoughts on MCKK and those who mattered i.e . the boys. The night activities were also discussed albeit encoded.

One of the the teacher interviewed touched on the exposures Budak Koleq used to get. I quote, "These boys [used to] mix with all sorts. This is the thing that makes them learn, it's the exposure, it's what makes them leaders of the country." (Mr. Chin Lim Sen)

When asked about what prompted them to go beyond the call of duty, the teacher replied, "First as a teacher, if you look at the children, they are all the same regardless of the colour of the skin...I treated them like my own children."

One of the teacher opined that teachers are important for nation-building "...So they need the right people at the education department there." [read : right teachers for Koleq]. The four teachers, at some point or another, had turned down offers for promotions just to stay and serve Koleq longer.

Go on. Get your copy. I will not give mine.

Noni Kapet also wrote something on the teachers of M.C.K.K.


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