Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We went to Tokyo and came back.

Stayed at the Grand Palace Hotel across the Nippon Budokan and the Imperial Palace complex. Managed to go to several places despite the official schedule. The most notable were the Yasukuni Shrine (for me) and Tokyo Disney (for us). Also managed to see Shinjuku and its famous back streets. I know now that Ridley Scott was inspired by the back streets of Shinjuku and went on to made Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford (I haven't seen the film). Also went to Ueno, Akihabara, Tokyo Central, Ameyoko Bazaar and few other places. We also went to two Hard Rock Cafes in Ueno and Narita.

Pressed for time, we gave up oft-mentioned places such as Roppongi, Harajuku and Shibuya. Wasted some time looking for Muslim restaurant in Ichigaya on our the day of arrival. Spent our last night in Japan at Narita.

We rode the Tokyo Subway, famed for its efficiency and the extensive network, and the JR Line (above ground train). Aily was particularly fond of the Kudanshita Station. But we missed the Shinkansen. Aily fulfilled her childhood dream of going to Disneyland. If only Emil and  Eiddin were there.

Tokyo's a nice place to go. Many would agree. It is beautiful and clean.

Some of the pictures.


KNizam said...

bila la aku nak sampai ke tokyo ni ek. pergi winter sonata kat korea dulu la. hehe :)

joe said...

tu je?

epit said...

yang lain censored la joe

epit said...


kena pegi berdua baru best.

e-commerce said...

congrates! i hope we can go one day...