Thursday, March 11, 2010


Move over Miami Ink, LA Ink or whatever Ink.

Discovery Travel Channel will be showing this show tonight. At 9 pm. Am actually looking forward to it.  It's about the host travelling around the world learning to play sports significant to the places he's visiting. Along the way, like any other travel show, he will try to sample food, visit places and learn about the world cultures. Most probably there will be sprinkling of world peace messages thrown in also.

Its premise is interesting.Only hopefully the presentation will give justice to the premise.

Quick search on the Net leads me here.

The host of the show is an NFL player, Dhani Jones, who has quite an impressive resume.  According to the bio, this guy has played for the Bengals, the Saints and few other famous teams. he's also a philantropist and has a fashion line to his name. Talk about having it all. Read more about Dhani Jones here.

Let's see what the show has to offer tonight.


joe said...

tapi epit, miami ink ada hot babes walking in to get tattoos done. sometimes in their nether regions.

abah said...


not for me.aku tak ambik pendidikan seni masa SRP dulu.