Thursday, March 04, 2010


Taken from The Sun today.

"Drivers who keep rubbing their eyes or begin to blink frequently should heed these early warning signs of fatigue by pulling off the road to rest, advised the German Road Safety Council (DVR).

Otherwise, they could fall victim to a microsleep (above), which sharply increases the risk of an accident.

It is estimated that one in four traffic fatalities on German highways is caused by a driver who fell asleep momentarily.

As the DVR pointed out, if a driver travelling at 130kph has a microsleep for just five seconds, the car will go 180 metres without anyone in control.

Patent remedies for driver fatigue, including listening to music and letting fresh air into the car, are merely half-measures, the DVR said.

It recommended one thing only: getting sufficient sleep. – dpa"

Timely reminder. It is one thing that all drivers know but often ignored.

I have had series of microsleeps myself. When I am tired during the long drives, especially on the PLUS highways, I do like what other drivers do as mentioned in the article. And like the article said, there are merely half measures. The best is to pull over and get a quick nap. Don't fight it. It's not worth it.


joe said...

ni dah taruk awal2, pre-qualifier for marc 14 ka?

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boleh la kot.