Monday, March 29, 2010



First, the race. It started at the appointed time. Ran at my own pace and kept reminding myself not to get caught up with the faster runners. Skipped the first and second hydration station as there were too many people. The half-way mark was somewhere near the Cyberjaya Police Complex. At 7 km mark (I think), in front of the MMU gate, I paced myself with a fellow runner until he stopped at the water station. From there onwards, I was on my own until the finishing line. The last km stretch was very invigorating knowing that the pain will soon be over and I will soon be getting the promised medal, hahaha.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to finish the race incident-free. The queue to take the goodies bag was quite long but I was only too glad to stand in line. I later found out that many runners were complaining about the shabby organisation of the race.

Post race - I was not too bad. I managed to get up early early to take part in the community get-together the morning after, attended my karate class and later in the afternoon, took Aily and Eiddin to MidValley.

So this is how it felt being a runner. It is good, really. Worth the time and the pain. It is one good thing knowing that I can (still) run. But the other one good thing  is the sense of achievement felt right after crossing the finishing line - of being able to see through the thing that I set out to do. I'd recommend it to anyone, anytime.

When's the next one?


theotheraj said...

running.. karate..


apsal tak jadi pres?

abah said...

hahaha...nanti takde time nak buat tu semua. lagi satu, nanti kena forfeit the right to kutuk other people sbb kena jadi impartial and politically correct all the time.