Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I have registered to run in the inaugural Energizer Night Race 2010 to be held at Cyberjaya. Come night of 27th March, it's a Saturday, I will be huffing, puffing and most probably be hanging on to dear life to finish the 10K. It will be my first race and what better way to do it than to run in the dark?

There's still 25 more days to the day of the race. Ample time, I suppose. I have been doing some training. So far, I am quite comfortable running the distance of 6km in 45 minutes. I hope by the time of the race, I will be able to go the full distance. I have not set a lofty target for myself. It would be good enough if I can finish the race. And it shall be a bonus if I can finish it well within the qualifying time.

Why I am doing it, I don't know. Out of boredom partly, but mostly to break the WALL. I have been running on my own every now and then, 3k being the usual distance, 5k when I am in the mood. But I have not really challenged myself to go the distance. It's good to know whether I can do it or not. I think I can. I believe I can, but I can't say for sure. Henry Ford said,"If you think you can do it, you're right. If you think you can't do it, you're still right." So, let's see :).

Truth be told, this is actually a classic example of tiada beban batu digalas, hahahaha. Below is the route for the run. If I didn't contact you days after the race, please comb the area.


67 said...

running barefoot or minimalist footwear?

abah said...

ko baca sunday paper ye?

hahaha...minimalist bodywear. go natural...hahahaha

67 said...

damn buta mata ..

hussin blanka said...

alah...berjuntai macam kamu juge.