Monday, March 22, 2010


Civil Defence Dept in every district soon

ALOR STAR: The Civil Defence Department (JPAM) plans to set up an office in every district in the country soon in a move to recruit more volunteers.
JPAM director-general Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid said an officer would be placed in each offices to disseminate information about the department, particularly to those interested in joining as volunteers.

"Up to Dec 2009, we have about 80,000 trained volunteers and I am optimistic the number will increase eventually following the setting up of one office in each district. It will also help to improve the department's effectiveness in carrying out its duties, especially in rural areas," he said after launching JPAM's 58th anniversary celebrations yesterday.

Good. They will sure come in handy. I called these guys a week back to help me get rid of a bee hive in the neighboring empty house. They were very helpful and went about their task efficiently. They can also help with snakes and rescue work.

You can get them by calling 999.


Anonymous said...

hello JPA3.. nak bagitau, ada blog ni tak meet kpi yg dia set sendiri

abah said...

aku baru update la.