Friday, March 26, 2010


The race is tomorrow.

Let's go distance.

Welcome any form of support, hahaha...


While I was busy training for the race, Emil was almost drowned during the school holidays.

He went back to the his grandmother's house for the holidays and she took him to the swimming pool. Once they were in, she had to come out to take some things in the car and Emil was left with our family friends who went together with him. It happened in a flash, I was told. While there were busy putting on the suits, Emil with his misguided confidence jumped into the deeper end of the pool. And of course, he found out he can't swim and panicked. Well, Emil canot swim just yet but me and Aily had been encouraging him all these while.

According to Emil, it was a lady who saved him. And I would like to thank the lady as my mother in law forgot to thank her or even ask her name.

But the scary thing was nobody in the family realised that Emil was drowning though they were standing beside the pool. They only knew that he almost drowned when they saw him sitting on the ledge heaving with a pale face. Parents, uncles, guardians never take your eyes off your charges at the swimming pool.

Emil was down with fever the day after the incident. Kena jampi jugak.

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