Monday, March 08, 2010


Blood - checked.

Body count - checked.

Countless fight scenes - checked.

Strong, handsome hero - checked.

Beautiful leading lady - not checked (the heroin was not much of a lady, more like a girl who's just reached puberty).

The story was about a man on his path towards redemption and finding his purpose of existence. The hero had done terrible things, according to him. Killing people came to him easily.

His was a tortured, tormented soul. Plus, his soul is owned by the Devil. And now, the devil was coming for his soul. I didn't get it how did the Devil got Salomon's soul, though. Am kind of lost on that. My guess is that it was the doing of his father who made a pact to with the Devil to save his elder brother.

The story was so-so to me. The ending, as agreed by Aily & myself, was the ultimate undoing of the movie. It was very anti-climactic. We were expecting a grand battle between Salomon and his tormentors. But what we got was a very lame affair.

If you asked me, I think you'd be better off watching Niyang Rapik, hahahah. Which I have not.

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